New Baby essentials – What you need in hospital bag for new born


Today’s post is very special and very very close to my heart. This is related to all the stuff I packed for hospital bag when I was expecting my daughter.

New Baby essentials – What you need in hospital bag for new born

Hope the list will help you or your near one pack all the essentials for the new born in the hospital bag. Ideally as the due date nears it gets difficult to make all the arrangement and it is advisable that we keep our bags ready beforehand.

While you get your hospital bag ready are you ready for the big change

New Born Clothes

I had packed 2-3 sets of neutral colors as in India it is not possible to know the gender of the baby before birth.

You can choose the clothes based on the weather.

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Body suits are the best for babies I feel. You can easily layer them based on the weather. Keep at least one set of warm clothes for sudden change in weather.

Baby Blanket

The blanket warmth can be decided again based on the time of birth. If your due date falls in summer soft cotton sheets will work the best.

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If your baby is going to be born in winters, warm blankets will be really helpful.

Baby Wipes

Soft wipes are always handy. You can use these wipes to keep yourself fresh as well.

Baby Toiletries

I did not pack the extensive range of products available. A baby soap, moisturizer, and baby oil should be enough for hospital.

New Born Diapers

In today’s time whether you want to keep the baby without the diaper, during the hospital stay the hospital staff will put diapers. Hence I would suggest you pack a set of diapers in your bag.

This way you can decide for yourself which brand of diapers you would want to put.

I would highly recommend the libero diapers. Check out a few new born Diapers options here 

Once you are home you can decide whether you want to shift to cloth nappies or stay with the diapers.

You can also keep some cloth nappies, in case your baby doesn’t like the diapers.

Going home outfit for baby

That one special outfit you would want to get your baby home in


Don’t forget to make lot of memories 🙂

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So pack your bags and get ready to welcome your baby home 🙂



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