Nykaa Silk Lacquer Collection – Limited edition – Swatches and Review


The trend take you to Mattes but does your heart pump up with excitement to see the timeless pearl finished nail paints? There are people like me who are crazy for pearl finishes. The Nykaa Silk Lacquer Collection are completely for us. These are classic and give a royal feel to your nails.

Nykaa Silk Lacquer Collection

Brain Claims

  • The exquisite silk nail polish formula guarantees one stroke, high-pigment pearl perfection
  • Its superior patented two-fold plasticizer prevents chipping.
  • It contains a UV filter that resists discoloration and offers a rich color payoff.
  • Smooth and gorgeous coverage in a single coat and a stunning, plumping effect in a double coat.
  • These beautiful shades will make sure your nails are best-dressed always.


Nykaa Silk Lacquer Collection enamels come in glass finish usual bottle packaging which shows the true color of the nail paint. The cap is black color matt finish with a dense brush applicator. The applicator brush is quite dense and give you smooth finish and good coverage on the nail in just one stroke


The limited edition silk enamel- Nykaa Silk Lacquer Collection enamels is out in the following 5 shades

  • Pretty in Pink
  • My Fair Lady
  • An Affair to Remember
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • All About Eve

Description of shades

Pretty in Pink

A delicate shade of pearly baby pink


My Fair Lady

A pearly white soothing color for sophisticated nails

An Affair to Remember

A beautiful pearly peachy shade to give you a classy look.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This blue shade with a pearl glow is simple yet classic.

All About Eve

This is a Pista green pearly finish color for giving your nails that shiny look.


Nykaa Silk Lacquer Collection enamels has a great pearl texture and spreads evenly.

Colour payoff

The colors are quite transparent on one application. To get opaque coverage you need to add 2-3 quotes.

Also one thing which I felt was that the colors are so close to each other that unless u have 3-4 quotes you cant figure out the actual color. Apart from the “All about Eve” shade all the other shades are very close to differentiate in 1-2 quotes.

Checkout the Nykaa Gel Shine Nail Enamel also.


It stays on for quite long and doesn’t chap at all. It stayed on my nails for good 3-4 days without even a single chap

Removal process

It is a little difficult to remove the shades if you have more than 1 coat on. Make sure you have applied good amount of remover on the cotton and place it over your nail for 3-4 seconds. This will help take it off easily.

Even then after removal, wait for the remover to dry, you may notice a silverish coat around your nails on on fingers which you will have to remove with clean cotton and some more remover.

Buy it here : Rs. 179 for 1 shade

Overall thoughts

As mentioned in the starting of the post, the pearl finish nail paints have their own charm. So grab these if you love those pearl finished classic nails.

Ratings : 4/5

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