Packing Essentials for Winter Vacations


Winters are here and soon it will be the time of the year when schools/pre-schools/playschools will be closed for winter vacation.

 I really look forward to holidays/vacation time :

 – I love travelling to new places.

 – Being a working woman, these vacations give me reason to take a break from work and give all my time to my little one.

With travel comes the responsibility of packing stuff which is going to help have a peaceful and enjoyable time while travel and during the vacation. I have learnt a lot of things and thus thought to share how/what I pack when we are going to a cold (weather wise off course ☺) place for vacation.

I have stopped carrying that double/triple load of things I used to carry when my kid was a little baby. However, I still have to keep a lots of toys/activities that she is happily comfortable and engaged.

Here’s a checklist of things I packed for our winter vacation in no order of preference:

Clothes and Shoes

I have mostly packed dark colors so that the stains and dirt can hide well. I am also carrying clothes for layering up to stay prepared for the extreme cold.  I don’t prefer frocks and frills in this weather hence Jeans, warm lowers with tops/shirts/sweaters.

Few snuggly sweaters
A warmer
Sweat shirt
Cotton full sleeves t- shirts
Fleeced lowers
Cotton socks
Warms socks

Yes, the list looks long but I haven’t packed truck load of all these things. Its 1-2 of each of these things and hence the clothes have fit in the carry-in luggage size suitcase.


One thing I have learnt about the count of the diapers, estimate your child’s diaper usage per day and when you have the final number add 2 extra diapers to the count. Somehow or the other those extra ones are saviors most of the time.


For cleaning, wiping hands and face on the go


I used to carry 3-4 earlier but this time Gaurika understands the need of wearing warm clothes and hence carry only 2 to get her some comfort and warmth if it gets really cold.

Plastic Bags

For keeping the spoiled clothes, shoes and off course disposing off the soiled diapers.


– Hand Sanitizer

– Travel size bottles of body wash, shampoo and body lotion

– Toddler toothbrush and toothpaste.

Toys and Books

Her favorite toys and books to keep her engaged.

Some colors and blank sheets.

Sippy cups and water bottles


So that she is always hydrated and active. Plus the bottles acts as a source of water for all of us.


Lightweight plastic feeding set with utensils

I used to carry 2-3 sets of utensils earlier. From this time it will be only 1 set.

Snack food

Kept some biscuits packets, cup noodles for midnight snacking. Some chips. I am also going to take homemade paranthas, so that when she is hungry she can have those small bites high on energy.


By now, we know what medicine help her during her illness. So I have a first-aid box kinda ready with us always which has medicine for mild fever, cough, cold, vomiting, stomach upset. For minor injuries, I have kept pain reliever and aids for treating them.


I have one main bag with all the stuff and 1 small bag from travel time with 1 extra pair of clothes, all the snacks and medicines and diapers in it.

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go!!

Do leave your comment/feedback on how helpful the list is for you or if you have anything to share about your packing list.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Desclaimer : All images taken from internet.





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