Products which helped me in my pregnancy- Pregnancy Must-Haves


Being pregnant is one of the most amazing feeling in the world. Knowing that there is a life being created inside your body is such a blessing.

Every pregnancy is different. However, there are a few things which have helped most of the women to deal with various issues faced during their pregnancies.

YES– being pregnant is tough! When I got pregnant for the first time I started making a note of things which helped me in the entire tenure and helped me enjoy the wonderful time.

Today’s post is for all you mom-to-be out there, I want to share with you all what worked in my last pregnancy. May be it will be helpful for you as well.

Comfortable Shoes

I am an average height girl(OK lady 😉 )and for many years of my life I have worn flats only. Not only flats make me stand between my short friends, I feel really comfortable in flats. And trust me when I say this, flat shoes are the most comfortable during pregnancy.

You avoid the risk of twisting your foot. It can also help you avoid swollen feet.

Long length legging

I feel leggings are the most comfortable style bottoms for anytime anywhere use. While pregnant the extra length of legging helped me stretch the legging from the top and cover my bump beautifully. Supporting my belly really well.

Bio oil

I have heard really good reviews of this product for stretch marks. when my daughter was born bio-oil was not available in India.

However, I recently started using it on my skin and it has been working really well in nourishing it. Hope it works as it claims.

Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow

Now I dint buy a pregnancy pillow but used couple of extra pillows at home to create a bunker on my bed so that I could use them in whichever position I slept 🙂

The main idea is You need to be comfy and the pillow is supporting the growing belly while you lie on your side while sleeping

Belly Belt

One of the few pregnancy products which I feel all the expecting moms should get. it really supports your growing belly and makes you feel comfortable.

Cotton Panty for pregnancy


Cotton is perfect for delicate and sensitive areas. Panties for pregnancy can be worn covering your tummy during pregnancy and it serves the purpose of supporting your belly as well.

Very very comfortable Nightwear

To sleep with a big belly gets difficult at times For a good comfortable sleep, its good to have something light and comfortable. Always have a couple of nightwear ready which are comfortable for your hospital stay and even can be used while you breastfeed your baby later on.

Light Fragrant candles

Light fragrance has helped me a lot during nausea and during the time I wanted to relax. All I needed is soft music and these fragrant candles in my room.

Pregnancy and baby books and apps

Your go to friends which you can refer. Its always good to read!! 🙂

I have been loving Ovia pregnancy App.


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Safe Beauty and Cleaning Products

Pregnancy for many women means forgetting about themselves. I was definitely like that. I wanted to take care of myself even more, dress up even more. However, It’s important to know if the products you are using are safe during pregnancy. I think one of the biggest problems is finding the right nail polish. Make sure you choose the right products which are toxic free.


Hope this post is helpful for you.

Let me know your pregnancy comforters in the comments below!!





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