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Working days are hectic. After you are done with your professional work, you have to prepare meals, do the cleaning, bathe the kids, feed the kids and put the kids to sleep. That’s how it usually is right? Then where did the Quality Time with your Kids go?

With some planning and creativity,  we can spend some good Quality time with the kids and get all the important tasks of the day also done on time. It is all about being present with your kids and being intentional with your time. 

We all know it is not the quantity but the Quality of time we spend with our kids which has major impact on them and their growth.

Apart from the Quaratine life we are living right now, we always wishes to have unlimited time to spend with our kids to do activities and things which help build our relationship with our kids stronger.  For spending Quality Time with your Kids you do not need to have lot of activity sheets, time-consuming tasks or elaborate things handy. All you need is some intention and a few ideas.

In Today’s post, I am sharing a few easy ways to Spend Quality Time with your Kids each day every day.

How to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids Daily

Include kids in meal preps and cooking.

In a typical Indian household, we cook everything from scratch right? So include the kids while you are preparing for meals. Ask them to get you the potato, get you the peeler and wash the veggies.

While you are doing all that talk to them about how their school was. What did they learn in school lessons?

This way my kids even learn a few life lessons with me and we have been creating a lot of great memories.

Also, It is said that if you include kids in meal prep it helps a picky eater to eat healthy food.

If you would like to get ideas on how to get the kids help in the kitchen because you are scared that they might hurt themselves, leave a comment below and I would be happy to share some ideas.

Make Kids Read to you

I am not an avid reader to be honest, but I love listening to podcasts, audibles. My fav audible is my personal audible at home J Yes, you guessed it right. I get my elder one read when I am too exhausted to do it myself.

I usually read a book to them during story time but when I am tired I ask my elder one to read a few pages for us.

Since Miss G loves talking and presenting, she would stand and narrate the story . Those are the best evenings ever.

Talk With Your Kids While going To and From Activities

Most of the activities Miss G went to were inside our apartment society, however, I never missed a chance to send her with our house help. We always walked together and kept talking while on the way.

This is the time when Miss G has all random things to talk about the school, daycare and even her imaginative stories.

Meditating together

Have I spoken enough about meditation already?

I have seen major effect of meditation on myself and ever since I saw my girls copying me when I was meditating, I took that as an opportunity.

So every now and then, we all sit together and do some meditation. Usually it’s the Kids meditation I play from an App I have. It is so engaging, even my 2.5 years old sits for some time copying us.

Include Your Kids in Household Chores

With lockdown, I have had the opportunity to make kids learn things much earlier than what I thought I would teach them. One of them being household chores.

From mopping the floor, to dusting to changing the bedsheets I keep the girls involved in everything. This inclusion makes them feel so responsible and connected to the family.

We tend to take these tasks for granted but these small tasks when done together add a lot of love and create stronger bonds at home.

Follow me on Instagram to see how I get my girls involved in the chores

Take Out Time For Yourself

How does that help? If I do not have time for myself and unwind myself out of the stress, I may not be with the kids completely. Hence how much ever time I spend with the kids it is not quality time. Remember, it is the Quality of the time which is important and not the quantity.

Practice Gentle Discipline

Don’t waste time in setting up situations where kids would fail, and you would get a chance to punish them or teach them a lesion. Instead be proactive and warn them about the consequences in advance.

It is utter waste of wonderful time we have if we keep yelling at the kids. Instead try reasoning out the behavioral issues and discipline them in a gentle way.

Utilize the time you save from the crying and howling in hugs, kissed and making memories.

What do you do as a family to spend Quality family Time? Comment below and please share!

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