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Ever thought what is Rakshabandan for Sisters??? Rakhshabandan is around the corner. We all know what Rakhshabandan is.. It is the festival for brother and sisters where the sisters tie rakhi on brother’s hand. Brothers give their sister assurance that they would protect her from any kind of troubles, bad situations. What about two sisters?

Rakhshabandan for Sisters

Let me tell you what Rakhshabandan has meant to me for years. Those who do not know. We are just two sisters and around d the festival of Rakhi( as they call it) our parents were pointed out the importance of a brother for the girls.

Rakhi in childhood

For me and my sister rakhi started with tieing it to Kanha ji(Lord Krishna). Who else will protect us better than him.

Later we used to tie the rakhis’s sent by our Buajis( father’s sister) to our dad. We used to tie Rakhi to our cousins as well.

We had sweets together and it used to be the day we met each other and had some fun.

Rakhi as We Grew up

As we grew up, we realised Rakhi is not about Brother and sister pair only. The festival is about the promise a sister gets to be protected and loved. That is when me and my sister decided to promise each other to love and protect each other.

We decided to tie rakhi to Papa who is our biggest pillar of support.

Rakhi changed for us.. We tied rakhi to Kanhaji , We tied Rakhi to papa.. But now the Rakhis were ours as well.

Who can protect us better than The lord and our Father after all.

Rakhi for me now

From the day my elder daughter was born we had decided that she would tie rakhi to her father and Nanu( Daddy as she calls him). I have two daughters now..History has started repeating 🙂 I see my childhood in my girls.


I am going to add another change in Rakhi from this year. My girls will tie Rakhi to each other and Give the promise of “Raksha” to each other.

After all Rakhi is about BOND of Love!!



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  1. We do not celebrate Rakhi in Kerala and it is always great to know of know festivals. Of course, these days we do celebrate Rakshabandan because it is a celebration of love, as you said.

  2. Aww, thats such a wonderful thought to tie Rakhi to Dad and their Naanu. ?
    Even we are two sisters and as kids we tied Rakhi to cousins, we still do when we are in hometown. Today, marked the first Rakhi for my son and my niece continued the tradition. ?

  3. Yes.. My younger sister always tie rakhi to me .And after I get married, she never forget to courier it to me. And I always promise her to protect from any situation.

  4. It has been exactly the same for we three sisters as well. As kids we tied Rakhi to our father and cousins and over the years started tying to each other too; after all, as you rightly mentioned, Rakhi is a celebration of bond of love and care for each other!


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