Review: Nykaa Fall/Winter(Festive) Matte Nail Lacquer Collection


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Hello Everyone!!

Nykaa had launched their Matte Nail Lacquer range in summers with some super cool pastel colors. With the season change they came up with their Fall/Winter collection in the same series with a range of colors to die for!!

There are 12 shades in the range and it was very difficult for me to decide which one should I pick. The shades were so unique and perfect for the fall/festive season, I decided I would get the entire collection. The entire range come as a combo called Nykaa Festive Matte Nail Enamel Collection and I ordered the combo from their website.


The Nail Enamel come in frosty finish really pretty glass bottle packaging which makes the color of the nail paint look a little lighter than the actual. The cap is black color matt finish with a dense brush applicator. The applicator brush is quite dense and give you smooth finish and good coverage on the nail in just one stroke

Texture and Formula

The consistency of these nail paints is on the thicker side.

They have super quick drying formula. Single coat was completely dry in 10-15 seconds. However, double coat took a little more time. However, the time was still lesser than the other brand nail paints

Color Payoff

All the shades have good color payoff and give you an opaque finish in 1 coat. You can apply 2 coats if you want a very thick opaque look.

The finish is perfect and quality has exceeded my expectations. It made my nails look so pretty inspite of the “amazing” application skills I have 😛

Longevity and Matt Claims

Each of the shades lasted me for 4-5 days without chips or cracks. However, the matte effect started wearing off wears off from the 3rd day to a satin-gloss texture. Event then there were no chips and hence I would highly recommend these nail paints for the durability.

Removal Process

It is a little difficult to remove the shades if you have 2 coats on. Make sure you have applied good amount of remover on the cotton and place it over your nail for 3-4 seconds. This will help take it off easily.



The Nail Lacquer are priced for INR 199/- for 9ml of product. You can buy it from Nkyaa’s Website

Overall Thoughts

Add those colors to the dullness of Fall/Winter season. I would definitely recommend it for a try. And for the price(INR 199/- each) it is quite affordable as well.

Overall Rating : 5/5

I hope you also love the nykaa fall/winter collection as much as I did. Do let us know in the comment section below which one is your favorite shade of the range?

Lots of love!!


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  1. Wow nice shades… my personal favorites are 1 a bright blue one and 2 one is cool toned Brown….awesome shades….thanx for sharing ??


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