Sephora Smoothing Primer Review


All you beauties out there, I am sure you all know the importance of face primer for your makeup. For my new bees let me tell you what a primer  does (or least they’re supposed to)

1.  Smoothen your Skin allowing your application of base to be more flawless and easier.
2.  Make your makeup last longer!
I am going to tell you more about the Sephora Smoothing Primer.


The Sephora primer comes in a transparent tube with a black pump style cap. I love the products with pumps. Its easier to take out products, its spill proof and you have control over how much product you want to take out.

However at times when you press on the pump, the product just does not come out!! Also at some other times it practically coughs some product out.

Formula and Texture

This primer is a transparent liquid. It glides really well on the face and little product goes a long way.

2-3 pea-sized drops are enough to cover your entire face.

Overall Thoughts

I have been using this primer for over an year now. In fact this has been the only primer I have used and I have no complaints to make.



Where to Buy

I got it from the Sephora store.

Which is your favorite primer? Any recommendations?? Do leave your comments below.









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