Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches.


Hello guys,

Today I am back with yet another review for you all. Liquid lipsticks have become a huge trend since 2016. I have been obsessed with them and I know most of you are too. All the huge brands in India too have launched Liquid lipsticks and that is great as there is a huge variety of shade selection is availble in the market.

I will be reviewing one such Indian brand that recently launched 10 new Matte liquid lipsticks and out of which I decided to pick up 5 shades which I really liked. So without wasting more time lets go on with the review.



The packaging is very catchy. It has the usual sugar cardboard packaging with digital graphic print of a women. The shade name is written on the front. The actual bottle is cute and tiny and very handy.   I really like how they look. The bottle is squarish in shape with regular twist open cap. The applicator is flat foot apppicator and the size of the wand is small but then it is according to the size of the actual bottle.

These are priced at ₹.499 for.   ML of product. Which is quite affordable for a liquid lipstick.

Pigmentation and Colour Pay-off

These liquid lipsticks are very pigmented. They are highly opague. They have slightly thick texture. These are not watery or runny in texture. These liquid lipsticks have high pigmentation ( No jokes, these are pigmented as hell ) its not like I have not used high pigmented liquid lipsticks, but these are comparable and also these are available in Indian market hence these are my new favs ?. They give full opague colour in one swipe and settle down to complete matte finish within one minute. You can layer them as per your desire, but do so when they are still drying otherwise these will start to flake off.

These liquid lipsticks are very drying on lips, but that is again same with every matte liquid lipsticks, hence do exfoliate and moisturize your lips nicely before applying them. The Sugar cosmetics website shows tips to use these liquid lipsticks with more easy by following 3 steps,

Step.1 – Exfoliate your skin nicely with a baby tooth-brush. This will help you get rid of dead skin.

Step.2 – Apply a layer of lip balm and let it sit for a while. It should be absorbed nicely for a good base for gour liquid lipstick.

Step.3 – And lastly, apply a generous layer of lip balm just before your apply your Smudge me not liquid lipstick. This will make sure your lips won’t dry out.

This did help me alot in dealing with these matte liquid lipsticks.

These does settle a bit in your lines after a long time of wear. It does dry of your lips and starts to fade off from the inner side of your lips. Re-touching these might be very messy as they get flaky, so its better to reapply them after removing the rest.


Sugar Cosmetics has launched a total of 10 shades in the Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks, out of which I have picked up 5 shades.

* Sauve Muave –

This a very beautiful muted  mauve shade. Suitable for pale to medium skintones. It might wash you out if you are  darker skintoned.

* Lust Rust –

This is a very pretty cool toned terracotta shade. Very rustic orange, very appropriate for fall and well amd summers. This will suit almost all Indian skintones.

* Drop Dead Red –

This is a cool toned red. Classix red lips are never out of style. Gives you very luscious looking lips. Suitable again, for all Indian skintones.

* Rethink Pink –

This is a very neon barbie pink colour. I personally love neon shades. Looks great on all skintones. Although this mighg be too bright on dark skintones, and if you are not into brighy shades then this one is not for you.

* Wine and Shine –

This is my personal favourite out of all the 10 shades. Thisnis a beautifil wine shade with magenta-purple undertones. Looks absolutely stunning on all skintones.

Staying power

These liquid lipsticks stayed on me for a good 9-10 hours with one touch-up. It started to fade from inner part of the lips after 5-6 hours of application.

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Overall experience

Over- all I really love these liquid lipsticks. Sugar cosmetics did a great jon in launching these liquid lipsticks which are of good quality and at affordable price. Fhe only drawbacks is that I would have loved of they launch more of nude shades. Or maybe the colours should have a fresh variety of colours, as these all shades are quite repetative. Apart from them, I loved using them, Wine and shine has become the top favourite for me.


I would give these a 4.5/5 ratings.

Thats all for this review guys. Don’t for get to check put our youtube channel for a quick swatch video for these liquid lipsticks. Will be back soon with yet another review for you’ll. Till then sending lots of love and positivity to you all.

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