Summer Essentials – Plum Goodness Wild Cherries & Kiwi Indulgence set- Review


Plum Wild Cherries & Kiwi range is so apt to provide the blast of freshness your skin needs.

Summer Essentials – Plum Goodness Wild Cherries & Kiwi Indulgence set- Review

Hi my beauties,

Summers are here in full swing. Our skin needs freshness and hydration tough weather. We are starting this series here were we are going to talk about products we love and think are absolute essentials in this hot weather. Plum is known for their awesome range of  products for all seasons. Plum Wild Cherries & Kiwi range is so apt to provide the blast of freshness your skin needs.



As soon as I saw the body lotion had a pump dispenser I knew I was going to like it. The packaging is basic white tube for body butter and body scrub. The lotion comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. The hand cream is very cute and compact. It comes very handy. The packaging of each and every product is very sturdy which is great for the days when you are travelling.

Image taken from Plum goodness

The white background has Plum written over on the sides with the name and details of the product. This has everything written on it in a very attractive red colored fonts ( I likessss!!!)

Formula and Texture

I was in love with it !!!!!!! The texture and formula is amhhaazingg guyss. Starting off with the body wash, I generally never used body wash, but i decided to try this one and I was not disappointed. The texture is neither very liquidy nor to thick. It is transparent red liquid which did wonder to my skin. Generally when u use soap the skin tends to get really dry, that made my skin look very pale and lifeless. After using this for like whole 1 month I can seriously tell you that to start using body wash was the best i did. I loved it.

Body Lotion

This one was a real game changer for my skin. Due to less time and busy schedule I always skipped applying moisturizer to my skin. And frankly, in mumbai’s heat every body lotion feels too thick and sticky after a while. But this one the best I ever tried.the texture was in between, after to rub it into your skin it takes 15-20 seconds to get completely absorbed in your skin and doesn’t feel tacky at all. I made this my daily routine and now I am obsessed.. Like literally “Now I can’t stop” obsessed.


This along with the lotion or just on its own is heaven. This acted as a deep moisturizing cream for my skin. Now even when I skip applying body lotion and just apply this, I am good to go. The texture is thick but it gets absorbed in the skin like magic. This is very moisturizing but again doesn’t smudge or feel sticky. I love it !!!

Hand- Cream

Frankly this is the only product that I failed to use throughout the whole testing month. As I don’t have very dry hands I completely forgot about it. But now that I know, I will start using it on everyday basis, coz who doesn’t want extra soft hands?. The texture is thick and very creamy, just like the body butter. You can actually feel these penetrating your skin and working its magic, which is absolutely the best thing.

Body Scrub

This was a good product. The gel based scrub with small granules of microfiber and kiwi seeds. This did not really do what it claims to, but it did help my skin in rejuvenating. I made a routine of using this once or twice every week or every time I am suppose to shave my legs and hands. This routine made my under-grown hair to reduce alot. This helped me alot with those small hairs which get trapped in the skin layer and makes your skin bumpy. That drastically changed the appearance of the skin. And I am pretty happy about it.

Overall Thoughts

Over-all I absolutely loved this range. This was my first time trying out Plum’s any other product other than their kajal. And I am not at all disappointed. It made my skin alot (more like aaaaallooott) better in terms of softness and appearance. I love to see that people have noticed my skin looking brighter and very smoother to touch in just over a month. i am definitely going to repurchase the body lotion and the body butter. They helped me alot with my dry skin issues and even in this bad Mumbai humidity they helped me with keeping my skin better. This is a great product by Plum and I highly recommend it.

Now I am planning to try different range of products that they have as I have my complete faith in their products.


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Hope you have freshness loaded summers. Happy Plumming!!







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