Summers and Sunscreens- Seer Secrets Milk Lotion with SPF 21 – Review


The summer is in its full blow. Keep yourself hydrated and protected from the hear internally as well as externally. Good food and water works for our body internally. Externally we can use the sunscreens or sunblocks to protect our skins from the harsh sun. If you are a person who prefer all natural ingredients in your skin care Seer Secret milk lotion with SPF 21 is something you can look forward to .

Seer Secrets Aloevera, Chironji & Carrot Milk Lotion

Brand Claims

A long lasting formula, which has been tinted with iron oxidant to narrow down a white cast to match natural ethnic skin tone. It works to dry body acne , Improves overall sun protection and other pollution related hazards. Micronized zinc of less than 5 micron thick particle helps to make the spread and gives long lasting spread-ability, It doubles as a physical sunscreen with natural sunblock barriers and has great setting properties in your skin crevices.


The Seer Secrets Milk Lotion came in a cylindrical tube outer cover. It comes in a spray bottle which is kinda unique for me as I have never seen a sunscreen in a spray bottle. There is a cap on the spray pump so that you do not accidentally press and leak the content

It is priced for INR 459/- for 100 ml of bottle.

Formula and Texture

The formula is not very thick or runny. It absorbs well into the skin however leave a negligible white cast.

I loved the lotion for it’s packaging and absorbing properties. Definitely worth a try specially if you have dry skin.

I have been loving the mild soothing fragrance. The fragrance is not over powering and not very light to fade away.

Overall Thoughts

Seer secrets milk lotion with SPF 21 is a unique blend of aloevera, chironji and carrot seeds which not only protects the skin from harsh sun but also nourishes the skin.

Its made up of goodness of aloevera, carrot and chironji seeds and has an spf 21 to help you protect against the harsh ?. Its really light weight on the skin ans absorbs really quickly. Aloe vera in it helps in hydrating your skin making it look nourished and bright.

It did leave a light white cast on the skin which was not much noticeable.

Overall I would rate the product as 4/5

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