Surviving the Delhi Air Pollution – easy affordable solution


Delhi’s Air pollution is something everyone is really worried about. I wanted to share with you this product we got to keep our rooms fresh and pollutant free. We all were planning to buy an Air Purifier, however everyone cannot afford the electric Air Purifiers available in the market.

Surviving the Delhi Air Pollution

In search of an affordable option we came across

Dr. CHARCOAL Non-Electric Air Purifier

What the Product claims

Dr. CHARCOAL bag — a non-electric air purifier made from the highest quality of activated charcoal. This scentless, non-toxic product is constantly on its job of removing the pollutants and odors, is pocket-friendly as well, with each bag lasting over one year.

Dr. CHARCOAL gives you and your loved ones the promise of good health and clean air!

Safe alternative to air fresheners

Affordable than electric air purifiers

Much better than bamboo charcoal

Dr. CHARCOAL uses activated charcoal which has higher number of pores as well as lower pore size enabling it to absorb odor and pollutants much better than the cheaper bamboo charcoal used in most other brands of air purifying bags. Made in India and best in the world.

They also claim : If you find superior quality of activated charcoal used in any non-electric air purifying bag sold anywhere in the world you get 100% refund on your purchase.


The bag a jute bag with golden thread border on one side.

It has a small golden hoop on one corner which you can use to hang it.

The bag is filled with activated charcoal.


The product comes in 3 sizes

1.  Small

2. Medium

3. Large

Buy them online

How to use

The product can be used immediately. One bag will work well for 1 year.

To reactivate charcoal , the bag needs to be kept in direct sunlight for 1 hour once a month.


1.No power supply needed
2. Acts as a decor for the room.
3. No artificial fragrance like room fresheners have.






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