T- Time Management Tips to Get your day together


Is time management just not your thing? Maybe you have tried all the Time Management Tips but nothing seems to be working. You feel overwhelmed and busy always. You are always late wherever you go or whatever you do ? I know there are a lot of reasons to be late because even I have been late many times and I have had these reasons too. I know that it is hard to be on time with so many obligations, work, family, kids. In today’s post, I have picked up and listed some of my favorite Time Management tips.  These tips may help you with managing your day better, staying organized, work on priorities, and be more present.

Time Management Tips to Get your days together


First step towards working to get an issue resolved is accepting the issue. So lets fir acknowledge the excuses we give

I have 2 kids and a full time job.

We were about to leave and the younger one pooped.

I couldn’t bath well for days. Today got carried away when I got the time.

Elder one was sleeping and I dint want to wake her up with the noise.

I got a meeting call at the last minute.

So much traffic on the road.

Yes!! We have all used these excuses in our lives to justify being late.

But even after using the excuses, I somehow never felt right because I ultimately was late.

Are you Ready to Make the change?

There are many ways you would know your life is ready to make the changes and start taking control of your time and schedule again.

The feeling of :

Being Overwhelmed due to things piling up and you have no way of tracking.

Tiredness because of lack of sleep due to untimely tasks completion.

Annoyed because you forgot your lunch at home because something else was running in your mind.

Tires because you never are able to take the break

The feeling as if you are doing it all alone and no one can ever get on the same page.

I have always loved planning things, keeping a control on my time and when all this was happening to me I just could not feel better. So what I started doing was scheduling, prioritizing, getting others involved in daily and weekly tasks and things started improving.

How can Time Management help

If you think being on time or following a timeline was monotonous and now “COOL” you are not correct. Instead, you can be really spontaneous and fun person. You would work towards your goal and balance work and family and yourself much better.

You will no longer have to “Pretend to be all sorted” when you actually are sorted in all true sense.

If you follow the following step by step Time Management tip, you will see increase in your productivity and efficiency. By following these tips, I have been able to get more done and have more time for myself. I have got much more peace of mind as I am never forgetting things. I am much more confident that I will meet my timelines and commitments.

Time Management Tips to be more present

Improving your Time Management is like organizing your house. You will have to declutter, prioritize and be realistic about what you want.

Step 1 : One Time Management Tool

Yes, you read it right. How many sticky notes, notepads, pretty planners, Google docs planning apps do you have to manage your to-do list?

This is the biggest and the foremost change you will have to make to start managing your time well.

So to start with your tryst with Time Management

Get all your notebooks, calendars, planners, your phone and computers. Put everything infront of you. Now you have to choose just ONE system to handle

Your work schedule,

Your home schedule,

Your kids schedule,

Your blog schedule,

Your to-do list.

Yes, whatever is your schedule select only ONE system as your Time Management system.

Step 2 : Write all your appointments and info in one place

Yes, write down all info or appointment. Why ?  when everything is listed in one place,  you’ll be able to see the complete picture. You will have better idea of what is actually happening rather than tracking everything in the brain which may get lost somewhere too.

If you are a techie, use app to write on your phone. If you are someone like me who remembers better when they write, write in the planner/diary which you would always carry with you.

To make sure you are following the steps, inform your partner about your plans of working on your Time Management Strategies.

Step 3: Must Follow Rules for Time Managed Schedule

Have a process in place for managing your schedule and to-do list. I call this process as Must follow Rule.

One must follow these rules to make sure you fall out of your old habits.

Find the 3 most important must follow rules in the first week of managing your time consciously and stick to them so that you start working on making them as a habit.

Some Must follow Rules I would recommend.

Always have Family Time

Schedule your calendar in a way that you always have family time. This is really needed for you and your family’s emotional bond and growth. For example, We make sure we have evening teas together, some time to play in the evening, deep cleaning of the house on the weekend is a family affair.

Put appointments in the planner as soon as those are fixed

Whenever, I schedule any sort of meeting, appointment, I make sure I add it to my planner. So that I do not mix up two appointments or meetings.

Always check your calendar before committing

This will help you that you never over commit first and then get embarrassed for not turning up due to another appointment/work.

Get up early before the kids

I am a morning person and I think I have said that 873496 times already. Morning is my most productive time fo the day.  I like doing some important tasks on priority before the household chores start. Therefore, I prefer waking up before the kids and do the task I planned for morning.

Put Time against each of your To-Do list items.

This would mean you are scheduling your “To-Do” list. So Cleaning would have a time, Relaxing time, mommy time. Putting a time in front of the task gives you the confidence to block your time for the certain task.

Step 4 : The most important Must Follow Rule

If its not on your calendar, it won’t happen.

This is very important because you are balancing multiple roles and people’s schedule every day. I put even “kids will go to school” on the calendar so that they don’t miss it

All these rules are in place to eliminate any last-minute decision making and anything to memorize.

If you follow the processes and the rules, you will always be on time on paying your bills, and completing your tasks. This way your To-Do list will be tackled.

These new rules and process should be made available to everyone in the house.

So that everyone in the house knows if its not on your calendar the particular thing will not happen. So there is one place everyone refer to when it comes to appointments , important dates and events.

Step 5: Be Consistent

Once you have the rules, schedule, plan in place all you need is to be consistent. Only by being consistent you will be able to make a new habit.

If a rule is simple, it will not be forgettable and hence it will be easier for everyone to follow as well. When you set a rule like “if its not on your calendar it is not happening.” You are setting everyone’s expectation that they will have to follow the rules.

If you consistently enforce it, it will be easier with everyone to follow and everyone will be happy as you will know what to expect and slowly you will be able to control the chaos with a calm.

Step 6: Declutter and clean

Once you have your Time Management tool, your Must-follow Rules in place and you apply them consistently, take a good look at the schedule and remove the items that are consuming too much of your time or energy.

Put these items into the list to be done over the weekends.  

Over the weekends either you fill your day with our tasks or are not motivated to do anything hence these items will stay in the list forever. If this cycle happens repeatedly its time to let go off those tasks. If certain tasks are not getting completed, it is time to declutter your to-do list.

If you choose to do something, either you do it the first thing the next day or strike off the list. No more excuses with it.

Do not carry baggage of pending tasks around with you.

Take everything off your calendar and to-do list which you have been putting off for over a month.

Step 7: Don’t over commit

Do not give commitments where you cannot give your 100 percent. Unless you know that you would do a certain task on time or reach a particular place on correct time it is better to say NO.

Saying No is more or less like managing expectations. The other person whose invitation you refused may get disappointed initially, but it will be worse if you don’t turn up for the invite after committing.

Commit only for something you have time for. Use your Time Management tool set-up to make decisions and fill your time.

Following these tips, step-by-step will help you feel more present. Leave your comment below if you have ever tried these Time Management tips.

This post is written as part of the BlogchatterA2Z challenge.




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