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Your mom tribe is going to help you strive and stay sane. Here is the Support System for Working Woman with Kids every mom out there needs.
The guilt of dropping your child to the daycare when all they wanted is to be at home with you. The guilt of missing your child’s important events and milestones because you were at work. The Guilt of not living up to the preconceived notions of what motherhood is all about. How to deal with The Working Mom Guilt
Working Woman Work desk
All the moms are on a 24X7 duty for their family and kids. The working mom I am talking about is the mom who has taken up the additional responsibility of their career and contributing to the family in more than ways. The entire month of April you would see me blog on topics, very close to my life, as a working woman, a working mom.
These are my true feelings .What better way to express than writing a letter to my blog.
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