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I have very dry skin, to the extent that even after applying moisturizer 2 times a day I get dry patches and flakiness during winters. Lets check out some DIY Face packs for Dry skin
By now you guys already know my Skin is Dry and dehydrated as a desert. Winters make it worse and somehow during summer since I Sweat a lot, I cannot apply thick consistency products. I am really excited to show you this amazing product from...
Nykaa is running this fabulous offer on The Face Shop Sheet Mask. You get 7 sheet masks on purchase of 7.  Sheet masks are not new to the beauty and skin care market. However, with Korean brands like The Face Shop coming to India, these mask have...
I have an inclination towards natural Ayurvedic products and there are few brands which are always on my wish list for their natural ingredients. Forest essentials is one such brand. Today I am sharing with you my experience of using the Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream.

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