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GADGET-FREE FUN ACTIVITIES WITH KIDS There was an era when introducing toys with light and sound to an infant was a necessity for the cognitive development of the child. In the millennial times, we parents carry with ourselves 24*7 a toy which is so...
Girl Holding Crayon and Colorin
I thought I would share some creative activities for toddlers you can do with your baby inside the house during the lockdown.
Reading develops vocabulary, increases attention span, and promotes stronger analytical thinking. Read on to find out How to encourage Good Reading habits in Kids
Health Benefits of Cycling for Kids
In the modern technological era, children are most of the time stuck to playing video games, watching cartoons and staying indoors. It is indeed very difficult to move them out of the couch and play in the real-world environment. Outdoor play was a major part of...
Today, we review Xplora Box- . I would tell you exactly what you need to know about it, where you can get it and how was my experience with it #kapilawrites #littlehappinesswriting

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