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Working days are hectic. After you are done with your professional work, you have to prepare meals, do the cleaning, bathe the kids, feed the kids and put the kids to sleep. That’s how it usually is right? Then where did the Quality Time with your Kids go?
Girl Holding Crayon and Colorin
I thought I would share some creative activities for toddlers you can do with your baby inside the house during the lockdown.
Summer vacations just got over and we have been reading a lot of books. I thought One Lonely Tiger is one book is a book which will help kids understand and know about the jungle, wildlife, and the current environmental issues. Read my Book Review of One...
10 Benefits of Early Bedtime for your child
An early bedtime can mean much more restful sleep for your child, and it is often much easier to implement than parents think. Here are 10 Benefits of Early Bedtime for your child:
The constant challenge of keeping our children away from gadgets, devices, video games or watching videos. is real. I just thought let me list down a few activities you can get your child involved in and limit the screen-time.

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