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This is a small incident based on experiences I have heard about from various working mother's. Hope you relate to it. "My appraisal discussion was due next week. I have been collecting evidences from mails which proved my work in the last one year.  I had given my everything to my...
My Delhi trip - 9th February 2016 I was just not ready to go to Delhi. I just couldn't let myself get ready to go to the place I had always been with my soul sister. But then time waits for none right!!! I did go there for byuu and vittu mami. The...
5 High points of 2016 As the year comes to an end...and we are going to welcome 2017, I wanted to share with you all some of the amazing moments in my life...some are pretty big some are small tiny things that happened but they hold a huge place in my...

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