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Working days are hectic. After you are done with your professional work, you have to prepare meals, do the cleaning, bathe the kids, feed the kids and put the kids to sleep. That’s how it usually is right? Then where did the Quality Time with your Kids go?
Winter vacation are just here and for many schools it is already started. My daughter is 4 year old and for her vacations we wanted to plan out things which are enjoyable as well as learning experience also for her.  with the 3 months old younger one , we decided...
Winters are here and soon it will be the time of the year when schools/pre-schools/playschools will be closed for winter vacation.  I really look forward to holidays/vacation time :  - I love travelling to new places.  - Being a working woman, these vacations give me reason to take a break from work...
The summer vacations are going on and I am sure you have some really good(read tough) time with your kids at home. It is really important to direct their energies in the right directions. Along with that, we don't want to get into the struggle of setting...
Being pregnant is the best time of a woman's life. The feeling of nurturing a new life within you is the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt in life. Pregnancy does not mean you stop traveling. Let me share some tips for  Traveling in Pregnancy.

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