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Motherhood is a 24X7 job with smiles being the only payout. This post is about me.About moms who have a 9 hours job also along with daily motherhood duties.
This post is something I am creating for all the working mommies who plan to join work after their maternity leaves are over. It has worked for me like a check-list for things which might get skipped off your mind. Returning to work after Maternity leave can be a stressful...
Monsoon and Humidity, the most difficult weather to survive for anyone is here. With the sun literally draining out all the hydration and energy from your body. It becomes really difficult for everyone specially pregnant women during the humid atmosphere. You tend to feel a lot more hot and you...
This is a small incident based on experiences I have heard about from various working mother's. Hope you relate to it. "My appraisal discussion was due next week. I have been collecting evidences from mails which proved my work in the last one year.  I had given my everything to my...

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