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This will be my first time dong a review on skincare products as I generally use medically prescribed skincare products as I have very sensitive skin. I get allergies and infections quite easily. So for using all different makeup products I prep my skin with all my prescribed skincare regime and then go about using them.

So, this time around I decided on finding one brand that is good and makes very genuine products and then I came across The Body Shop products. I have heard and read so many good reviews for this brand and their tea-tree range of products that I have to give this one a shot.

Since I get dry skin during winters, I opted of their Vitamin-E range.

I bought their Facewash and Daily mosturiser to test them out, the range has many other products but since I don’t follow a very lengthy skincare regime I opted for these two.

Packaging –

* Vitamin E Face Wash –

This facewash comes in a simple tube packaging. It has a flip open tube style packaging which is very hand. The packaging is sturdy, but not so travel friendly as the cap may flip open anytime when you are travelling. The colour is light baby pink with the name of the product written in black.

I got.  125 ML of product for ₹950/-.        .

* Vitamin E Daily Moisturizer –

I really like the packaging of this one, it has a tub like packaging and is very handy and compact. The lid is of this tub is simple twist opening styled. As you twist open the cap, there is another plastic covering which has a small handle and you can open that by pulling tge handle and the product is inside that. This is great for travelling as the packaging is very secure and neat. There will be no spillage of the product what so ever.

Consistency, Texture and Fragnance –

1. Facewash –

The face wash has very creamy texture. The consistency is thick which instantly makes it look very mosturising. There is a simple fragrance to it, frankly I din’t really like the smell much, nit because its irritating or over powering but because it is not as pleasant as I expected it to be.

2.Mosturiser –  The mosturiser has a medium consistency, its neither too thick or too runny. The texture is very light weight and it is definately water based as its very refreshing on the skin. The fragrance is same as the face wash, but this is slightly more pleasant.

Experience –

I had over-all an amazing experience with both the products. Since I have combination skin, my t-zone is oily and the rest of my face is dry. And during the winter’s the rest of my face gets really dry and the t-zone is oily as hell. The face wash did a good job of easing my dry skin as it didn’t rob it of the moisture. It was very hydrating on the skin and stored the moisture of the skin. Since its very creamy and thick it lathers alot and a small amount goes a long way. These products are slightly on the expensive side but since a small amount of the product is enough at a single use, this is a great investment.

I really enjoyed using the mosturiser. More than the face wash, this has helped me alot with my dry skin issue. Since this mosturiser is water based, it was very soothing and hydrating on the skin. It absorbed very quickly into the skin making my skin very smooth and supple at touch. You kind of feel it is literally quenching the thrist of the dry skin as it really gets absorbed quickly. This again is a great value for money as a little is enough for single use. You can layer this up if you feel your skin needs more hydration. Since I am undergoing a skin treatment for minor dust allergy, I was prescribed with a suncreen to be used daily. This mosturiser teams up very well with my sunscreen too. I apply a generous amount of the mosturiser and let it absorb into the skin for 2-3 minutes and then I follow it by applying my suncreen. It makes my skin very healthy looking.

Over-all thoughts

For over-all thoughts, I really enjoyed using this range. I do want to give a try to the Tea-Tree range as I do get oily skin in summer. Although, I really loved the mosturiser, I felt the facewash not of much use to me as it din’t really made any difference to my skin. Hence, I will not repurchase the facewash, but as for mosturiser, it helped me a lot with keeping my dry face moisturised. Hence I would definately repurchase the moisturiser.

Ratings –

I would give the Vitamin E Facewash a 3/5 ratings.

And as for the Vitamin E Moisturiser, I would give that a 4.5/5 ratings.

 Buy it here –


That will be all for this review guys,if you find this review to be helpful then like the post and also mention your top skincare products that you’all swear by, I would love to try them out.

Will be back soon with a new post. Till then lots of love and positivity to you. ?
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