The Johnsons School of Gentle – #TurnToLearn


If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know I was recently invited by Johnsons Baby India to the Class of 2019 at The Johnsons School of Gentle – #TurnToLearn

The Johnsons School of Gentle - #TurnToLearn

The Johnsons School of Gentle – #TurnToLearn

Johnsons Baby really knows the best when it comes to baby care and I would say even when it comes to making Johnsons Mums feel special.

When I landed in Mumbai I was welcomed with this beautiful note and driven to our stay at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

The Johnsons School of Gentle - #TurnToLearn

On the day of the School, the day started with regular registration and I got this cute bag with timetable and stationary for me to be ready to go to school.

The Johnsons School of Gentle - #TurnToLearn

Look at the cutest ID card. Thank you Johnsons for making it so special.

At the orientation class, Sarvesh explained to us the main intention of our Session today it was“Turn to Learn”

So every time you buy the product turn the bottle and check the ingredients.

Do you know Johnson’s Baby products has all the ingredients listed at the back of the bottle.

That means they are 100% transparent in providing information

All the students were divided into four classes and we had four sessions related to

  • Biology of Gentle
  • Chemistry of Gentle
  • Gentle Laboratory
  • Sense of Smell

Biology of Gentle

In the Biology of Gentle class, we got a better understanding of the infant skin microbiome and how a mild gentle body lotion and mother’s touch can help maintain a balanced Microbiome keeping the baby’s skin safe from bad bacteria and infection.

Chemistry of Gentle

In the Chemistry of gentle class, we understood the strict 5 level safety process followed in making sure that the best and the most ingredients are used for creating each of the Johnson’s Baby product.

Gentle Laboratory

At the Gentle laboratory, we saw with various experiments

  1. Johnson’s Baby Lotion is non-sticky and gets easily absorbed in your baby skin. Keeping the skin moisturized and soft for 24 hours.
  2. Johnsons’ Baby Top-to-Toe bath is mild as pure water and 100% soap-free.

Sense of Smell

During the Sense of smell class, we got to know why the gentle smell is an important part of baby’s growth.

Johnson’s Baby products have IFRA certified fragrance that helps support baby’s multi-sensory development.

Overall It was a great learning experience and a reassurance on my favorite baby care brand Johnsons Baby. The brand stays true to its #ChooseGentle value.

Gentle Inside

  • It is transparent. Visible Pure
  • It is more gentle because
    • No Parabens
    • No Sulfates
    • No Phthalates
    • No Dyes
  • All Fragrance used in Johnsons Baby Products is IFRA certified.
  • Each ingredient is tested for 12 months before being used.
  • It passes 4 skin allergy test and is clinically proven mild.

Gentle Outside

  • Easy one-hand use
  • Comes with safety lock
  • Fresh and modern packaging with a teardrop shape

The New Johnsons is as gentle as a mother’s touch, a father’s care, and a sibling’s love.

Want more reasons to #chooseGentle??

  1. 96% of the ingredients are naturally derived – naturally derived Soybean/coconut oil is being used in the new Johnsons baby products.
  2. The formula of the product is improved. It is softer and quick absorbing. It lathers more with little product. Easily rinsed and leaves no residue.
  3. The ingredients are not harmful to the environment.




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