The Journey : FAT to FAB – Weight loss journey


“Bohot wieght gain kar liya” (You have gained so much weight.) When this comes from your parents. you need to start working on your body.

Not that this was first time I was pointed out for my weight.  I have always been a fat child (well… pleasantly plum. I used to call myself) all my childhood. “Over sized clothes” what are those? I hardly got ready made clothes of my size. But my parents always stood by my side.

With Pregnancy, I gained even more. When my daughter was 8 months, I was unable to play around with her, I was not able to walk holding her. Used to get breathless while talking.

That day when dad said those words I was forced to look at myself an introspect.  what have I done with my body. So many issues… Hypothyroidism, high sugar levels, BP on border lines.

I so wanted to loose weight but dint know where to start. Everyone advised me to start walking or running but who had the time??? With a 6 month old baby with me and work timings, I just did not have time to breathe leave aside any me time or walking/running.

I had almost given up on myself and accepted that I have to live with the health issues I am facing due to my weight when I saw one of my old school friend’s post and her weight loss journey. I was so inspired to see her pictures that I pinged her without waiting.  I still remember how anxiously I pinged her. With lots of doubt on whether I will be able to do it, I decided to start her program.

It was the month of June in 2016,  initially very difficult to convince family because you know how family is!! Dieting has never helped. You will loose now and gain again later. Plus convincing then that I will be on a strict regime and I will stick to it (Knowing my love for food of any kind), this itself was a big task.

It looked difficult to me as well and I was also not sure how far I will be able to sustain it. But When I started seeing those 200 gms-500gms weight loss each day, I was so motivated that I wanted to work more towards it.

1 month crossed and I was so happy to see myself 7.1 kgs below the weight I had started from.

This inspired me so much more to work towards getting to a healthy weight. The program helped me understand my body so well. I knew how and when my body would need what.

The change in me was noticeable. I did not want to stop and continued with the program.

I have completed 6 months in the program now. I feel proud of myself looking at my journey now. With lots of determination, dedication, consistency and the zeal to achieve my ideal weight I still continue to work towards it.

I get compliments from everyone now a days.

Oh my god!! what have you done. You look fabulous.

My parents are so happy to see me healthy and fit. My dad looks and me and smiles with pride( trust me this is the best feeling).

I play with my 3 yrs old daughter all around I walk/run/cycle with her. There is no sign of breathlessness. My hypothyroidism vanished, my sugar is under control, BP is completely normal.

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That’s my weight loss journey and that’s me today.

Hope you find the story inspiring and this helps you get to your health goal.

Do let me know if you would like me to post some tips or tricks to loose weight.

Lots of Love






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