Things my 4-5 months old Baby loves #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa


Hi my lovlies,

With each day my little one is growing and I am able to notice things which I think she loves. Today I am sharing with you all what all my 4 month old baby loves.


For now my baby loves faces.. She has not reached a stage where she would have stranger anxiety. She smiles and giggle to anyone who give her a smile 🙂

She loves Mommy’s face the most though 😀 😀

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Going forward she would know the familiar and unfamiliar faces and hence will be developing emotions like stranger anxiety, happiness, sadness etc.


Babies love being touched and cuddles. Piku is no different. She loves getting my attention.

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Her baby giggles and laughs have filled our home again. She loves it when I poke my nose in her tummy and tickle her. She giggles so much that she starts getting hiccups 😛 .. Does that happen to your baby too????


Piku’s love for mirrors goes hand in hand with her love of faces. She loved playing in front of the mirror.

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Holding on

Her grip is getting stronger and she loves holding on to anything which comes close to her.

She is learning well to hold on to rattles and play with them. To understand them she takes them to her mouth to feel them. ( Dont worry!! I clean all her toys before giving it to her)

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Including my clothes, hair, She even grabs my face with her hand and then tries to feel me with her mouth. — > it makes my day!! and get me to the next point 🙂

Me, her father and her elder sister

Piku has started differentiating between us from the others. Its amazing to see how my girls are bonding. Each morning waking up my elder one is easier as giggles of younger one wakes her up. They would play for sometime before elder one gets ready for school.

In the evening, Piku is all happy and amused to see “didi” back from daycare and ready to play with her.

For Piku, we are are her favorite toy and best playmate and protector, and she wants nothing more than to have us around all the time.

I cant believe she is getting closer to 5 months now. My little baby is growing up fast.


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