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Through Discipline comes Freedom Contradictory?? Isn’t Discipline is restricting ourselves? Then how will it help in getting freedom. 

Through Discipline comes Freedom 

Let me give you few examples from my life

Freedom from Thyroid

Have you read my weight loss journey post ? That has been one of the most remarkable achievements of my life.

From 94 kgs to 63 kgs it was only possible through discipline. Discipline to eat healthy and wisely. Not to binge on and give goodness to my body.
Results.. I am free from Thyroid.

I used to take medicine for hypothyroidism. Which I stopped after coming to a healthy weight. There has been no looking back.

Freedom of Thoughts

From my blogging experience I have learnt till now. If I discipline myself and follow a schedule I get more opportunities to write. I get more opportunities to think. 

Blogging has given me the Freedom of thoughts. The discipline of following a routine has given me the opportunity to express my thoughts through posts.

Freedom to Learn

Only when your mind is focused and discipline you would be able to learn. Think about learning a new hobby. Unless you are disciplined and compassionate towards it you would never be able to upskill yourself.

Freedom from Negativity

Meditation involves a lot of discipline. Lots of concentration if you want to really feel the results.
Meditation has great effect on overall well being of a person. It has helped me in many ways to get the negativity out of my head.

Simple meditation with closed easy and deep breathing is my stress buster.

Freedom to Spend

Off course we all earn and we have the freedom to spend how much ever and whenever we want to. However, today I would suggest you to discipline your expenses. Plan out your income and savings. One day you would thank me for these lines 🙂 Day when you have Freedom to spend 

Discipline is a form of freedom. Freedom from laziness and lethargy. Freedom from expectations and demands. Freedom from  weaknesses, fears and doubts.

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Amrit is an author and graphic designer who designs school and general books. In 2017 she started writing for beauty, fashion and other lifestyle topics .

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  1. Very few people can connect discipline with freedom so intelligently.
    Totally relate to ur words and I totally love ur writings and how you have put across ur thoughts here.?


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