Super Easy Hacks for Safe Holi


Remember the poem

Red Blue Yellow and then Green… all the colors fall on me..

Yes Holi is here.

Holi is the festival of colors, water balloons, gujiyas, bhang. With so much fun also comes the danger of having low-grade colours being put on you that may lead to issues for your skin/hair.

So today I bring to you some hacks so that you can enjoy the festival without any troubles.

Super Easy Hacks for Safe Holi

Go Natural

Try to use natural colors and products.

No Oil Colours

Do not play with synthetic colors/oil colors

Choice of clothes

Try to wear clothes which cover your body parts as much as possible.

Oil your hair

I know this is like will ruin your look for those fabulous holi parties. But you don’t want to have extremely dry rough hair due to the chemicals of the color. So before you leave for your holi celebrations put lots of oil in your hair!! by lots we actually means LOTS!!!

Super Easy Hacks for Safe Holi

The oil will cover your hair shafts and this will keep the colour to enter or damage your hair

Face Protection

– Use a toner on your face to close the open pores. This will block the colors to enter your skin.

– Over the years this has been my ultimate savior from the chemicals from color to react on my face. OIL is your friend here.

Take any oil( I usually take Coconut oil) and apply a thick layer on your face, neck and other exposed areas of your body.

The oil doesn’t let the color get into my skin.. acts as a barrier!!

–  Apply sunscreen!! you are going to be out in the sun for a very long time.

Super Easy Hacks for Safe Holi

Protect you Nails

Super Easy Hacks for Safe Holi

Apply a nail paint on your nails. Similar to oil, nail paint will act as a block on your nail and your nails will not get colored or damaged.


Water is important for your body. So keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water since you are out on your terrace directly under the sun. Don’t let it dehydrate you.

Removing the color

– Remove the dry colors/Gulal with a dry cloth or just by rubbing it off. Applying water might just create a mess 😛

– Use home made scrubs for removing the colors from face.

– You can also use olive oil to remove the color from your face.

Wax after holi

This may sound crazy,  but it has helped me get rid of the color on the skin. If your waxing is due, postpone it for after holi. We all know waxing will remove the tan/dead skin when the wax is pulled off your hand.

Few things I follow to have a safe and fun holi. How do you protect yourself. Comment below.

Happy Holi Everyone!!!



Disclaimer : All the images taken from google.




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