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Working days are hectic. After you are done with your professional work, you have to prepare meals, do the cleaning, bathe the kids, feed the kids and put the kids to sleep. That’s how it usually is right? Then where did the Quality Time with your Kids go?
Meal planning was something I struggled a lot with. In fact, isn’t it something we all struggle with? When you are a family with strong individual preferences of eating veg and non-veg or have some health goals to achieve, planning the meal gets even more difficult.
I hate anxiety and I hate it, even more, when it messes up with my work life. My work is my passion and I don’t want it to be destroyed with the feeling of getting anxious. In today’s post, I am talking about Anxiety at Work and How I try to overcome it.
Do you think a Night Time Routine helps in having a better next day? To be honest, it has helped me most definitely. When I started following a proper night time routine, I noticed I was falling asleep sooner and getting up the next day easily and much refreshed.
Miracle Morning Routine has been part of my life for close to two months now. I have never looked back. In fact, when I started, it was only my favorite detox drink and a few minutes of meditation for initial 2-3 days. But then when I started waking up earlier and incorporated all the components of Miracle morning, it changed my days completely.

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