Super easy Cleaning schedule - This Cleaning schedule could be easily followed by anyone be it a working or a non-working woman
Brain Dumping Batching Method
The mind is everywhere. Instead of overthinking and losing sleep over what all needs to be done, try the Brain Dumping and Batching method.
Working Woman Work desk
All the moms are on a 24X7 duty for their family and kids. The working mom I am talking about is the mom who has taken up the additional responsibility of their career and contributing to the family in more than ways. The entire month of April you would see me blog on topics, very close to my life, as a working woman, a working mom.
City life isn't for everyone. There's plenty to do, but after a while, all those restaurants, bars, and festivals lose their appeal. The constant hustle and bustle start to feel overwhelming and city-dwellers find themselves yearning for fresh air and space. Read on to find out why...
Oily hair naturally attracts dirt and pollutants from the environment. Do you know an oily scalp has the maximum chance to have dandruff and other infections? Let's have a look at some DIY hair masks for oily hair. #kapilawrites #littlehappinesswriting #oilyscalp #haircare

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