These are my true feelings .What better way to express than writing a letter to my blog.
When a couple is expecting their first child, everyone in their family, extended family and their friends want to help them celebrate. The best way to do that is with a baby shower. And today, baby showers aren't just for the women in the family. There are...
Will Your Product Sell? When entrepreneurs create new products, they do so with the assumption that their investments will pay off. This will only be the case if consumers actually like their products, though. There's no sense in investing in expensive marketing campaigns if nobody will buy...
Earrings are often seen as a fashion statement that accentuates an outfit or hairstyle. Here are 9 things you didn't know about earrings.
How many times have you read stories from religious books? We have heard and seen a lot of stories from the Hindu religion's books. Since I studied in a school ran by Christians, I have also heard of stories around Jesus Christ. The exact reason I picked...

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