My Delhi trip - 9th February 2016 I was just not ready to go to Delhi. I just couldn't let myself get ready to go to the place I had always been with my soul sister. But then time waits for none right!!! I did go there for byuu and vittu mami. The...
5 High points of 2016 As the year comes to an end...and we are going to welcome 2017, I wanted to share with you all some of the amazing moments in my life...some are pretty big some are small tiny things that happened but they hold a huge place in my...
"Bohot wieght gain kar liya" (You have gained so much weight.) When this comes from your parents. you need to start working on your body. Not that this was first time I was pointed out for my weight.  I have always been a fat child (well... pleasantly plum. I used to call myself)...

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