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The summer is in its full blow. Keep yourself hydrated and protected from the hear internally as well as externally. Good food and water works for our body internally. Externally we can use the sunscreens or sunblocks to protect our skins from the harsh sun. If you are a...
I received the May 2018 GlamEgo box a few days ago. I had done the unboxing on my Insta story. Join me on Instagram. So if you are interested in Glamego Box May 2018 Unboxing And Review keep on reading. The Beauty Emergency Kit GlamEgo May 2018 box - Unboxing...
Hello friends, Summers are here in full swing with harsh sun in all forces ready to damage you skin. Summers are all about sweat. I sweat like a pig. There is dust dryness pollution,germs everywhere. But then, You know what to do? You know how to take care of it? You know that your...

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