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During the weekdays, most of my day (around 9 hours) is spent at work I mean Work from home these days. If you are following me on Instagram you would know that yesterday was a terribly long Stressful day. I was working and then in technical training for a total of 14 hours. Though this does not happen usually. Even then if you have regular 9-5 kind of job, your household chores, kids to attend, and considering 5-6 hours of minimum sleep, you are left with very little time to Unwind on Stressful Days.

For me after a long work day all I want to do is relax after the work. This seems quite simple and straight forward to most of us. But we all know, somewhere at the corner of our mind, that is somewhat difficult to happen. 

Why is that? This happens most of the time because we at the end of the day are unable to unwind the way we thought or imagined. This in turn becomes a vicious circle and we are not able to relax after work.

While you are working and dealing with the stressful day, you also imagine to go home and chill, watch some favorite show lying on the sofa and do nothing else at all. But the reality is that it usually never goes as planned.

How to Unwind after Stressful Days at Work using self-care tips

In today’s post I thought of sharing a few self-care practices after a long day at work.  These tips not only help you unwind yourself but also help you become a better self and overcome the stress and burnout you feel after the long day at work.

While you are visualizing a relaxed evening, did you forget that there would be kids home assignments to look at?

What I want to point out is that there may be things you may have forgotten and hence may keep pushing on the plan to relax.  But with this continuous pushing the Unwinding time to “some other time” you are overwhelming and stressing yourself more.

Time plays a big role in this. You will have to make time for relaxing and some self-care and unwinding.

Listing a few ideas to Unwind after a long day at work. You would need to take out 10 mins in the day for these. These have been tried time and again by me and have helped me bounce back after a Stressful Day.

How to Relax after Stressful Days at work

Leave work at work

This is my first step to Unwind on a stressful day. Once my workday is over, I would not open my laptop even usually at home. On a stressful, busy day, it is kind of difficult to not look into how things have moved after you left the workspace. But this is what I feel is a necessity. Only when you have destress yourself completely at home without overthinking about work, you will make yourself ready for the next day.

When you spend you time only on work, and keep thinking of work even after it is time for yourself and family, you are not leaving any space for your mind to rejuvenate and repair itself off the stress.

It is even not justified for the family members that you are not completely present for them.

Hence, this has been my policy always – Leave your work – at work.

Now that we are working from home, I follow this by following a strict timeline and logoff my office network at my end of shift timings.

Slowly with practice I have been able to keep myself from thinking about work after my work hours. If my mind tried to wonder, I focused myself on something just in front of my eyes and started thinking about that object instead. That is what I did initially to get over the feeling of going back to work even after coming home.

Focus on things which hold importance at present, or maybe why you are at home, with your family members right now.

You just cannot unwind yourself if you are thinking about work even when you are at home.

Turn off your office laptop, your work phone, your office VPN after your lockout time. Turn off any alerts for emails, notifications for meetings when you are off the clock. You do not want any other distraction.

A Warm cup of Meri wali Chai( My tea)

After long tiring stressful days, the one thing which helps my mind unwind is Tea. I am a tea lover of the level you can call me an addict. Yes, I cannot survive without tea. It is extremely difficult for my body and mind.

Tea play a very important role in refreshing me up. The tea can make or break my mood and my day ultimately.

Talk to someone to Vent Out

Talking can resolve lot of issues include the stress in your mind. I have observed that on my own behavior. The day I am very stressed at work, unless I talk to someone I can confide in, I do not feel calm and therefore cannot unwind myself even at home.

I may or may not talk about the issue which is stressing me out. But just talking out about random stuff, about what I want to do in the evening, how the day went for me etc helps me in great deal in calming my mind .

My husband and my cousin whom I call after work while commuting back home are my points of venting out usually. I am grateful for the patience that they listen to me and help me Unwind.

Listen to Soft Music

When I have lot of tasks to do before I can relax to Unwind my mind out of the Stressful Day, I would out on some soft soothing music while doing those task. So while I do those tasks, music plays its magic and relaxes my senses also.

The music is soft and soothing to the ears, even if its my fav number I wont tun the volume up. Loud music does not relax me.

Music is a great healer of mind and soul. So while you are doing your important chores, playing soft music is a great way to get into a relaxing mood.

I am a Hindi movie buff and have heard Hindi music all my life. My playlist for Stressful Days are the songs which you would play while driving on the highways or play while you are relaxing in the evening. The soft romantic numbers, songs about life make me relax and calm down.

Choose your kind of music that makes you calm.

Do Absolutely Nothing

When you have a Stressful Day and you have pending chores already waiting for you at home, selfcare and relaxation would take a back seat most of the times.

But we do not realize that it makes Unwinding and bouncing back even more difficult if we keep on dumping the stress in our mind every day.

Even if you have some 10 odd things to do after going home (or off work), I would suggest to take out at least 5 minutes of Downtime.

Yes, at least 5 minutes to do absolutely nothing. Leave your phone aside.

It was very difficult for me for the longest time to not do anything for just 5 minutes. Withing just a few seconds of the downtime, I had atleast 284364 tasks hovering over my head. Yes, this is absolutely fine. But train your mind to set aside these tasks and take this downtime with absolutely conviction.

Walk or workout

Walking around the central park of our apartment society is one of the best way for me to Unwind. This is the kind of workout I like. You may choose to do a workout yourself.  

How does working out or walk help ?

All the fitness enthusiasts already know this but for those who do now know, let me tell you. When you workout, your brain releases this hormone called the happy hormone or the endorphins which is responsible to make you feel happier and relaxed.

If you exercise or walk or choose any kind of workout, you are helping our body maintain itself better. So this is one thing your mind and body both will appreciate.

Do something you love

A hobby helps you relax  and get into a mood to unwind. You can pick anything you like to do like reading, writing, yoga, painting, coloring, some craft work or some cooking.

Choose a hobby that helps you relax , you enjoy doing it and you can feel the ease.

Lockdown has definitely helped us pick up our long-lost hobbies. Things we loved doing when we were kids but somewhere in the life hustle we forgot about?

Pick up any hobby and restart doing that.

I have always loved dancing, but off late cooking seems to have become my therapy. I love trying out new things and dishes. I love my Indian roots and love sticking to Indian food.

The lockdown has helped me try Indian dishes I have never tried before.

Cooking may be a task for many but for me it is a therapy and I love to cook and Unwind when I am stressed out.

There are many things you can pick up as a hobby, you just have to find out what is that helps you relax and Unwind.

A Warm bath to end the day

On a Stressful Day, this is one thing which helps me relax and unwind the most. This is the last thing I do on a stressful Day. A long warm shower after the girls have slept and husband is winding up the kitchen.

The length of the shower time is depends on how stressful the day was and ranges from 15 mins to 30 mins usually.

I love using some mild fragrance bodywash and washing away all my tension from the body under the warm shower.

The warm water helps in activating the blood flow better and helps in muscle pain. The warm water allows the muscle to relax.

After a warm water shower, I tuck into my bed and sleep really well.

Whatever tips you follow, be consistent in it and make it part of your routine. These tips will really help you feel better and Unwind on those very Stressful Days.

Comment below How do you relax after work?

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