Unique Gift for your loved ones – Re-live Memories – InstaMosiac Studio


Unique Gift for your loved ones – InstaMosiac Studio

Today is the Digital Era. An Era in which we have so many pictures of our loved ones today in our phones, laptops, hard-drives. How many of you are like me who like to revisit these old pictures and Re-live the old memories?

Although we have so many pictures in soft versions,it gets difficult to search for those old pictures in the digital world.

I am a person who loves getting pictures in my hand and re-living those moments and memories. How about a unique personalized poster with all your memories in one Big Poster in your room?? Sounds exciting? Read on …

I came across this amazing concept by Insta Mosiac Studio

Insta Mosiac studio makes Personalized Mosaic Posters which is a very unique and innovative gift.

Order your Personalized Mosaic Poster now!

It’s a poster in which there are 1300+ photos given by the customer and it looks like a single picture is made from 1300+ photos.

Capture all your moments at one place with hundreds of pictures in your Personalized Mosaic Poster. From the vacation trip to the days of festivals, from marriages to your baby pictures, you can include all your memories, in a beautiful way.

Order your Personalized Mosaic Poster now!

Product details

  • Personalized Posters With Your Own Pictures
  • Minimum Pictures Required: 30, Maximum Pictures accepted: 200
  • Sizes available: 12×18 Inches (S), 20×24 Inches (L) & 30×40 Inches (XL)
  • Prices starting at ₹900
  • Material: Premium Photo Paper

After the order is place you will be give a number

You will have to get in touch with a number given on the website.

The team will guide you with uploading high quality pictures to a location provided by them.

You can follow them social on Facebook and Instagram as well

Order your Personalized Mosaic Poster now!

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