Vacation Series – Lansdowne – A paradise unexplored


The summer is soaring to its maximum and this summer vacation we would like to recommend you to go to this beautiful small town in the hills of Uttarakhand.

We are talking about Lansdowne.


Lansdowne is a small hill-station in Pauri-Garhwal District of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. It is a small hill station away from the crowded cities and a hill station still unexplored.

Lansdowne is named after Lord Lansdowne the then Viceroy of India who visited here in 1884.

Located at an average altitude of 1700 meters above the sea level it is generally cool in summers and has very chilly winters and wet and foggy rainy season. You can also experiences snowfall during winter months.

How we Travelled

Lansdowne is around 250 kms away from Delhi being one of the closest hill stations to the capital.

We hired a car as we wanted to have a relaxed trip without the stress of driving.

Left at 5 am in the hot summers we took the route as shown by the maps. We took a break at Cheetal for breakfast and then there was no stopping.

We were at our destination by 12 noon.

Where we Stayed

Fairy dale resort was our first choice when we were looking for the places to stay in Lansdowne. Simple quite resort very close to the town’s center.

The staff was extremely helpful and the kitchen was blessed with some amazing cooks. I probably have had the best food outside home in this resort.

The weather itself was mesmerism that we completely forgot we were there in the peak summers. There was dense fog outside our room when we got up in the morning.


This was one place we had decided we will take it really easy and no “touristing” around. The only 3 places we went to out of the places-to-see were


St. Mary Church

Garhwal Rifles Museum


This was our short and sweet trip of the lesser visited lansdowne.

Hope you visit this place for a relaxed vacation.


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