‘WE’ are Pregnant – Husband’s support in pregnancy


No this is not a pregnancy announcement , as many of you may have thought!!

I wanted to emphasis on ‘We’ here and tell you guys the small cute things my husband did during pregnancy that made my journey to mommyhood easier.

You can take it as ‘tips for fathers-to-be’ to make their wife’s most amazing part of life even more wonderful.

Be with me for each doctor’s appointment

He has made sure he is always there for every appointment whether it is with the gynecologist or a blood test or an ultrasound scan.

Be part of the household activities

We stay away from our family and we have to manage the daily chores ourselves. During the pregnancy , there were days when I had no energy to do some regular chores. He pitches in and does those things. Not that he doesn’t do it in general but these days he makes sure I don’t over stress over the daily chores.

He is my friend for emotional support

We all know how emotional one gets during pregnancy. He has been my constant support for all my mood swings. The shoulder I cry on when I am upset or sad over nothing. He is awake with me when I wake up at night due to pregnancy insomnia.

Takes care of my health

He makes sure I am eating all good things which is good for me as well as for the baby. He has been constantly monitoring and keeping track to make sure I eat healthy.

Go baby shopping together

So time and again he has made me feel that its not only mother’s responsibility to prepare for the baby. Fathers do it too. He is there for all those decisions related to baby shopping.


These are just the few things I wanted to share with you all to make you understand how at times the things which look really small are really helpful and touching in building a stronger relationship.


Hope this post give all the guys out there to be the support system to their wives.

My lovelies,  share this post with any dad-to-be so that he also enjoys the pregnancy as much as the mommy-to-be.


Keep watching this space for more special blogs.




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  1. It is really essential to a husband and wife who will soon to be dad and mom to always be at each others side especially in that sensitive situation.

  2. I am 23 weeks now and I honestly don’t think I could get through without my husband. He also joins me for every appointment and has been so patient! I’ve found pregnancy to be actually a very lonely situation and without a loving hilusband, well, even worse!


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