Weather change- How I manage cough and cold for my 3.5 year old


Delhi is hot and humid right now and the weather is changing. The worst affected in this phase are the children due to the frequent change in temperature.

We have hot and humid day and all of a sudden it will rain and the next day it will be a little cool. The monsoons are hub of various infection and its very difficult to keep your child away from catching the infection.

Today’s post is about a few tips which I follow if my daughter(3.5 yrs)  catching cough and cold to easy her out of the infection.

Disclaimer : I am a mom who prefers not giving medicine to my child immediately and would want my child’s immune system to develop by fighting the infection. 

Having said that it does not mean I will let my child suffer. 

So here are a few things which I follow and which have helped my daughter

Rest and lots of Rest

We all know how tired we feel when we have cold as adults. Similar is the situation for the kids. when the kids are not well, make them rest, it helps the child fight the infection better.

By rest I do not mean the child has to sleep. Just get him/her involved in activities where they sit at a place for longer time.

Get their crayons and colors out. Give them other artwork and conserve their energy. Conserve the energy for them to fight the infection with full strength.

For parents of smaller kids, use this time to cuddle with your little one to hold them in one place for longer 🙂 🙂


I don’t have to tell you the benefits of steam here. We all know how it helps in easing out the blockage due to mucus.

Lot of you may ask, how to give steam to small children. This is what I did:

–  Create a sauna kinda atmosphere in the bathroom. Run the hot water shower and fill the bathroom with steam. Sit with the child in the bathroom for a few minutes.

Saline drops

Saline drops are very easily available. I have used the same for myself also to ease out my own nasal congestion.

What I do for my daughter :

  • Put 1-2 drops of saline water in each nostril. Try to keep the head still afterward for about 30 seconds( which is very difficult but I struggle and manage!! ) 

More liquid diet and food

During sickness, the worst thing to happen is dehydration. It really worsen the illness. I make sure to increase the liquid content during illness.

For example : You can give Lentil soup, veggie clear soup, juices at room temperature.

Elevating the head

I use a little higher pillows so that when my daughter sleeps her sleep is not disturbed due to congestion.

Ginger and Honey

All of us know how helpful is ginger and honey during cough and cold.

My recipe :  Grate a 2-3 inch sized ginger and squeeze out juice. Add 1 spoon of honey to this juice.

I give this to her 2-3 times a day. It works wonders for her and really helps her during the illness.


Besan Halwa

I have had lots of besan halwa during my childhood even when I dint have cold. But whenever I did, we made sure mom made it for us. I loved it so so much!!

Comment below if you want me to make a video of the recipe.


I hope these points help you and your little one in this tough weather.








  1. I have been following these tips for some years now with my elder one.. now it’s time to repeat for the younger one.. thanks for taking out time to read the post

  2. This is so true, the climate has suddenly change even an adult like us can’t bare it, so we can imagine about the kids what can they go through. You have given so amazing tips, I’ll share this with my cousin!

  3. Aww having a sick little one is always rough. Mine are a little older than that now but I love these tips!!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I would absolutely love to know more about Besan Hawaii. I’m a terrible sick person. Steam makes a huge difference for me. Hope your little one is better soon

  5. Thanks for your beneficial tips as my son is also 2 n half year old.N plz share your besan halwa recipe,would like to learn this recipe from you ?.


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