What To Do When Baby’s Teeth Fall


It took me almost 2 months to sink in the feeling that my little girl is growing up. It is no less than a milestone when Baby’s milk teeth or baby-teeth start falling. Losing baby teeth is a natural part of every kid’s childhood. Read on to know What To Do When the baby’s teeth fall

What To Do When Baby’s Teeth Fall

At what age

A child loses their baby teeth in the same order they came in. This means the first teeth to be lost are usually the lower center teeth.

Typically, children may start losing their baby teeth anywhere from age 5 to age 7. If your child began teething earlier, there are chances that the baby teeth will start loosening earlier too.

My daughter was five months when her first tooth had erupted and hence her dentist had advised us that her milk tooth(baby tooth) will fall quickly too. She was feeling the tooth loosening from a couple of months and her lower center tooth was slightly wiggling which was scary for her initially but after the visit to the dentist, she eagerly waited for the tooth to fall.

What To Do When the baby's teeth fall

What Next

After your child loses their first be sure to include these steps in caring for the empty socket prior to the permanent tooth’s eruption.

  • Gargle with some warm water once the tooth falls out, especially if there’s bleeding.
  • The child can brush their teeth as they usually do. No change in toothpaste/brush is needed. I use the MamaEarth toothpaste for my kids
  • Guide your child not to brush too hard, especially in the spot from where the tooth fell out.
  • Avoid soda and other foods and beverages that can damage teeth.




  1. Nemit’s first tooth showed up when he was 6 months old. I had no idea that teeth can fall off early if these erupted early too. That’s informative. Thanks for sharing Kapila 👍


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