When things get real.. Grocery shopping with Two sleeping kids and one pram!!


Hi Everyone,

This post is not a review post. This is not even a post about some tips on how to prepare yourself for certain situation. This is a very funny incident ( YA.. may be funny now!! )

So if you want to know keep on reading…..

All these month we have been waiting for our little one to arrive. Preparing the elder one for her little bro/sister. I must say Guplu was fabulous in receiving Piku as her little piku baby. She love and adores her the most.

Guplu’s bday was coming and the ration stocked from before Piku’s birth was also ending. So it was an urgent requirement that we go together to buy the required things.

We had everything planned. My younger one was just a month old so we took her pram with us.

We entered the grocery shop, made Guplu sit in the shopping trolley and started gathering things as per the list we had got with us. Guplu was having fun in the trolley while the little one was enjoying her first outing sleeping in the pram.

70% of the shopping done and we both gave a smile of accomplishment to each other. Husband went toward the non-veg section to buy some chicken with Guplu while I waited outside as the AC in the non-veg section was very strong and Piku was not dressed for it.

10 seconds later I see my husband making way out of the place frantically. I was surprised to see him come out so soon as it generally isn’t this fast. However when I saw carefully, I could see he was pushing the shopper’s troller with one hand and using his other hand to support guplu’s head. “She had fallen asleep sitting on the trolley”  NOW WHAT!!

After a lot of thinking and staring at each other we decided to do something we never thought we would.

I took Guplu out of the shopper’s trolley. That moment we thought of leaving everything and going back home. But then we would have wasted the entire 2 hours.

We took a little bold step and took Piku out of the pram and put Guplu in it with the hope that we will be able to do something now. We started moving with Piku in my hand and pushing the trolley with other and husband pushing the pram with guplu and pulling the trolley. We were walking as a train quite literally.

Finally billed everything and took the things to the near by café. Ordered coffee and sandwich . Spent some couple time with two sleeping kids ?

And this is how we started learning art of managing two kids.. one moment at a time ? ?




  1. Thanks. Parenting is a learning experience each day. We thought 2nd time parent, we cant go wrong now.. but with the second one we are having different situations.. 😀


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