Will Your Product Sell? Here’s How You Find Out


Will Your Product Sell? When entrepreneurs create new products, they do so with the assumption that their investments will pay off. This will only be the case if consumers actually like their products, though. There’s no sense in investing in expensive marketing campaigns if nobody will buy the goods, which is why it’s important for business owners to test their products during the development phase.

Will Your Product Sell? Here’s How You Find Out

Independent Validation

Most consumers want proof that new products work. This is especially true of beauty products and personal care products. Claiming that they’re made with high-quality ingredients and are designed to be effective and safe will not get product designers very far unless they also use a method called beauty product testing to see how consumers feel about them.

Proof of Efficacy

One of the most important aspects of having a product independently verified through consumer testing is referred to in the industry as proof of product efficacy. That just means business owners have numerical data supporting their claims that their products work. Marketers can use the information on product labels or in marketing campaigns to attract new buyers and get the word out about amazing new products.

Market-Ready Claims

There are several regulations on how beauty and personal care products can be marketed and what kinds of claims their producers can make regarding their efficacy. That’s why it’s not enough to just give samples to a few friends and ask them to lend their support to new products. Working with a product testing company will ensure that business owners wind up with market-ready claims.

User Testimonials

During product testing, business owners will have the chance to solicit honest feedback from their testers. If the feedback is good, they’ll be able to use the information offered by the testers as market-ready testimonials. If the feedback shows that the product needs some work, product designers and manufacturers will know about it before it hits the shelves and be able to solve any potential issues that would otherwise have damaged their reputations.

Market-ready testimonials can substantially increase sales. Around 93% of women check for claims of efficacy prior to purchasing beauty and self-care products, as do around 91% of men. These consumers will pay more for products they are confident will work, too, which allows business owners to charge more for their newly designed products.

How it Works

When product testers are given prototypes or samples, they’re also given specific instructions for safe and effective use of the product. Most beauty product testers have plenty of experience buying similar products and they know what to look for. Plus, they’re genuinely committed to finding and recommending stellar new creams, lotions, soaps, and targeted solutions.

The testers will use the product for a certain predetermined period and will be asked to assess their experiences throughout the trial. This proven testing method doesn’t just offer product manufacturers some extra insight into long-term effectiveness. It also reveals consumers’ emotional connections and potential hero claims, which are great for marketing.

The Bottom Line

Testing beauty products accomplishes two goals. It gives product manufacturers the peace of mind of knowing that their consumer goods perform as intended and it offers them access to market-ready testimonials and claims that can be shared with future buyers. Just make sure to work with a testing company that has plenty of experience working in the industry for best results.




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