You Are Blooming – eBook Review #BloghcatterEbook Carnival


You Are Blooming – eBook Review #BloghcatterEbook Carnival

You are seeking the healing touch of empathy and kindness. Today I am here to remind you that amidst all the despair and darkness, deep down, you are blooming with hope, beauty and grace.

These words choked me with emotions. Such positive hopeful thoughts is all what I needed today. These are few words from the eBook- You Are Blooming written by Swarnali Nath. Read on to find out what am I talking about.

About the Author

Swarnali is an engineer, blogger and writer. She is the founder of the Mindfulness and Motivational blog ‘The Vaidik Journal’. She writes about her personal reflections on her personal blog ‘The Saffron Journal.’ She is a part of the anthology ‘The Woman That I Am’. She loves to write about positivity and inspiration. She finds solace in music and books.


You Are Blooming – A Journey to Rekindle the Lamp of Heart


The cover design is beautiful and bright. Just so apt to have the yellow flower buds half open to depict “Blooming”. The moment I saw the cover, it filled me with brightness and hope.


The book is in the form on letters to the seeker of light. The shining bright light from within. The hope, beauty and grace which lies in all of us, but we are not aware of.

It talks about how we all are connected. How the universe has connected us with our own shining lights within us. The book is a journey of redefining yourself, your life and rewriting your story with hope, beauty and grace.

You Are Blooming – is divided into 3 main sections that is Hope, Beauty and Grace. With beautiful letters to the seeker for each day, Swarnali kindles the light we are looking for around the world.

Structure and Design

I loved how each section has letters defined for 7 days. Its like a perfect plan for 21 days to find your hope, beauty and grace within.

Though the letters were meant to go one day at a time. The beautiful words and writing filled my heart with positive emotions and I wanted to read on more. I finished the book in record 1.5 day ( it is a personal record for me)

Concluding Remarks

I am so thankful to have got hold of this book. I feel each and every word written in the book is written for me. In fact, if you are seeking what is your calling, what gives you happiness this is one book you must read.

The way it describes that the peace you are looking for lies within you. The magic you are searching for in the universe is you. It fills your heart with hope, your mind with beautiful thoughts and soul with Grace of prayers and gratitude.

The book would work as your perfect guide to stop, think and live mindfully.  Each letter in the book is a source of power house of energy for you. The energy which lies inside us and we are not aware of it. The positive thoughts we keeping searching for outside. Though full of energy it is a book for you to soothe and relax yourself

It comes in as a great source of rejuvenation and relaxing your mind and soul. It’s available free for a limited time. You can download it from Blogchatter.  

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