Z- Zen At work – Mindfulness and Inner peace


Zen has deep meanings. For me, Zen is achieving simplicity and mindfulness in the chaos of daily life. It is about focusing on the things which are important and creating something which amazes me from within and helps me find my happiness. Finding my Zen, my piece of peace at work is very important. We spend so much time at work and even then, we do not get the most of it because we are not mindful and fully present in what we are doing.

Zen At work – Mindfulness and Inner peace

Yes, it is extremely difficult to be happy if you are stressed at work with constant poking and the sense of having too little time and so many things to do. But this would not be the can if we have the habit of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is relevant to everyone. It is the art of bringing our attention completely, fully to the present. It allows us to experience life without any thoughts about the past or the worries for the future.

By working on mindfulness you can definitely avoid loosing your Zen at work. In my post today, I am listing some of the practical tips to adapt mindfulness at work and maintain our Zen.

Practical Tip You can follow

Meditate Just a couple of minutes of meditation per day has been effective in reducing stress improving memory, critical thinking, and decision-making power.

Enjoy your first major meal – Breakfast  . It is the most important meal of the day. If you have had a good hearty breakfast it sets you into the correct mood to work throughout the day.

Be grateful for your new day – Be thankful to God for being alive every morning. Be thankful for getting another 24 hours added to your life.

Be with yourself, nature and the world around you when you are heading to an important meeting or event when you leave for work.  Avoid making calls.

Designate a space at work which you would call your Breathing area for the time when you want to take rest, calm down and stop. Taking regular breathing breaks to come back to your calm peaceful self.

While on lunch break, mindfully eat your meal. Try to avoid any fears or worries. Avoid eating lunch at your work desk. Utilize this time to change your environment, go to a different place and have your meal. Go for a walk after lunch.

Do not mix your teatime with work. Take a break the way you take for lunch, grab a cup of tea and enjoy it while looking outside the window.

Attend a meeting with a calm mind. If possible, do some visualization exercise of something peaceful, someone skillful being with you.  This helps you stay calm during a stressful discussion.

At any point in time, if you feel angry or irritated at work, refrain from reacting straight away. Take a break, go to your breathing area and calm yourself down. This gives your mind the chance to think rationally.

Your boss, your superiors, your colleagues or your subordinates are your allies and not enemies. Practice taking their presence as a positive aspect of your work. Recognizing the importance collaboration and working together as a team. This is important for your peace of mind. It gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to see everyone being successful.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation towards your coworkers is a great way of creative a positive environment around yourself. It transforms the entire work environment and makes it harmonious for everyone.

Before leaving for home, relax your mind and sense, so that you do not take the negative energy and work related issues to home with you.

Once you are home or close your work at home, take some time to yourself before you start your evening and your evening chores. Relax and plan your evening.

Understand that multitasking is not a thing. It means you are not full present in any of the tasks you are doing. Do one task at a time and give it your full attention. That way you do it with full concentration and even save on time by avoiding mistakes.

Journaling is a great way of revisiting your day. Noting down your joys for the day and gratitude attracts lot of positivity in your life.

Mindfulness at Work Makes a Big Difference

If you practice the above small workable habits at work, it makes a big shift in your mindset and experience at work for you.

We spend a majority of our time at work. Your work can be your passion, or a reason for income for your family to survive. These are really good reasons to make sure you can feel your Zen at your work place.

Make those small moments and the big changes will carve out easily and move your energy in the right direction.

This post is written as part of the BlogchatterA2Z challenge.




  1. Congratulations on successfully completing the A to Z Challenge.
    Your practical advice in this post is easy to follow and will surely help many.


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