Hi Lovelies, Though the rainy season is coming to an end and we are moving towards the fall/winter season, I wanted to talk to you guys about the Colorbar "Feel the Rain" lipstick collection. I have loved colorbar lipsticks from a very long time and have owned quite a few of...

The New Johnsons #CHOOSEgentle – Launch event

The New Johnsons is here and I was among the few privileged mothers in India to feel the more gentle Johnsons for the first...

The Johnsons School of Gentle – #TurnToLearn

Every time you buy the product turn the bottle and check the ingredients. The Johnsons School of Gentle - #turntoLearn

What’s in my October 2017 GlamEgo Box

Hi My lovelies, Long long time that I wrote a blog for you guys. You all know what has kept me busy. I got my GlamEgo...

Why Mattress Protector Is a Must-Have For Your Bed?

A mattress protector might be the most important accessory to have for your mattress. Read why Mattress Protector Is a Must-Have For Your Bed.

What To Do When Baby’s Teeth Fall

It took me almost 2 months to sink in the feeling that my little girl is growing up. It is no less...

Y-Yoga During Work – Health and Fitness

Maintain good health with Yoga at Workdesk. People who sit for long or have a sedentary lifestyle are at higher risk of...

Motherhood – Bliss of more than one kind

This is a small incident based on experiences I have heard about from various working mother's. Hope you relate to it. "My appraisal discussion was due...
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