Best Moments of 2017 : Living up to my dreams


Hi everyone,

First of all… a very happy new year!! I know I am a bit late. But I know you would understand my #mommylife 🙂 Elder one had winter vacation and we had loads of fun together.

I wanted to share with you some beautiful moments from 2017 .

As the year 2017 ended, I would want to look back and share with you guys the 5 most amazing things/moments of this year.

1. Started  YouTube channel

Please subscribe and show some love ❤️❤️

2.  Blog got an official address

3. I weighed just right for my height and my health has been on it’s peak.

Checkout my weight loss journey blog here

4. Got my 3rd tattoo

Still I rise

Checkout my tattoo story here

5. It is a girl(life completes a circle) she comes back to our world of happiness.

I am a mommy again.

Hope this year brings lots of happiness in your life as well.

Let’s keep “Kind” alive in mankind this year

Be kind to yourself, your family, friends, animals, plants, mother nature and everyone around.

Let’s make this world a better place to live in.





  1. It’s so rewarding to acknowledge our own success. I am glad you had an amazing and I am confident you are going to have another blessed one.

  2. What a lovely year you’ve had! And congrats on your new baby girl. Wishing you more blessings for 2018!


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