C – Cleaning Schedule for Working Woman


Are you someone who likes everything kept prim and proper? Or are you like me who would be just “presentable” if you come home just unannounced. Who doesn’t like a clean house but between a full-time job, two kids and then other household chores, I decided to keep my sanity in place and had to let go of my “prim and proper” house. My work timings do not allow me to stay up late at night to finish the bathroom cleaning tasks. But it has become easy ever since I started following my Cleaning schedule. I am sure this Cleaning schedule for working woman could be easily followed by anyone to keep their house clean.

There are times you would find yourself constantly picking up stuff from everywhere in the house. The weekend goes completely into cleaning and deep cleaning.

Weekends are meant for some park time with family or catching up on rest. But with so many tasks in place, we are really not sure how to give ME-Time a preference. After a few months, you would feel exhausted and tired and would not give a damn of your home is.

The Cleaning schedule I am going to list below may help you stay insanity and have time for yourself.

Cleaning Schedule for Working Woman #BlogchatterA2Z

C - Cleaning Schedule for Working Woman

I had always felt, that I would spend half of my life at home cleaning. But no longer!! I sat down one day and determined what all task I do everyday first.

Next was to do a little brain storming and list more tasks which I remotely never considered due to lack of time.

Daily cleaning tasks

  • My Daily cleaning tasks include sweeping and mopping of all the rooms in the house.
  • When I am clearing the rooms, tasks related to keeping the toys in place have been assigned to my girls. I encourage them to help me clear the area.
  • In the kitchen cleaning the daily used utensils, gas stovetop and kitchen slab.
  • Wiping the washed utensils and putting them in their place.

These are the tasks I think need to be performed daily. I would suggest, if you are also looking to make a schedule, take a piece of paper and list down your daily household cleaning tasks.

How to Customize your cleaning schedule

Now that you have your daily must do tasks highlighted. Pick up days in the week when cleaning tasks during the day is not possible.

I include days when kids have dance classes in the evening or there are other needs( weekly vegetable shopping) or you may have to work late at night for some meetings, you can then plane your cleaning task around them and make sure your cleaning schedule is effective to your needs.

I am going to list my sample Schedule below, you can probably pick this and use it. Work on it or adjust it according to your requirements.

My Weekly Cleaning schedule


Since it’s the first day of the week. I like to keep it light. However, coming home to a clean house is a refreshing and motivating feeling.

  • Dusting the entire house.
  • Wiping the furniture.
  • Wiping all the articles kept outside of closed shelves or showcases
  • Changing the bedsheets for each room.


  • Cleaning all the glass surfaces which include TV, Showcase glasses, picture frame, dressing table mirror.
  • Cleaning the master bedroom bathrooms and toilet


  • Do a load or two of laundry
  • Wash and spread in the sun for drying in the morning.
  • Fold and sort clothes for Ironing.
  • Cleaning the common Toilet and bathroom.


  • Outside cleaning of kitchen appliances like Fridge, Microwave, Food processor, others.
  • Change Sofa cover and cushion covers


  • Wipes clean kitchen tiles and taps.
  • Wash 1 load of clothes including bed-sheets, sofa, and cushion covers


  • Sort and clean toys. Again involve kids here.
  • Clear the fridge of leftover food.
  • Check and clear stock of groceries and vegetables.


  • Sundays are usually for catching if I am not able to complete any of the tasks during the week.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

There are tasks left even if you have a weekly schedule in place. But if you follow a weekly schedule like this. It will help you stay sane.

Following a schedule leaves you on top of your house work. For monthly tasks, we are left with a few things. 

  • Wipe and clean the switchboards
  • Clean the fans and lights
  • Clean the curtains

Balancing between Kids and Cleaning when you have very limited time

You have kids, career, house, family to look after. That means you cannot have cleaning time separately. So making a rule

Everyone living in the house contributes to the mess and to the cleanliness

Keep your kids and husband involved in the daily and weekly cleaning tasks. It’s a great way of bonding and staying connected as a family.

A cleaning schedule for working woman is a road to happiness.

This post is written as part of the BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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