Changing Your Surroundings: 6 Reasons Why You Need to Get Away From the City and Breathe in Some Fresh Air


City life isn’t for everyone. There’s plenty to do, but after a while, all those restaurants, bars, and festivals lose their appeal. The constant hustle and bustle start to feel overwhelming and city-dwellers find themselves yearning for fresh air and space. Read on to find out why it might be a good idea to follow that yearning and get out of the city for good.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in cities is often exorbitantly high. That can make it hard to enjoy all the fun recreational activities they have to offer. Families and individuals who move to the country can spend far less money for more luxurious, spacious housing and have more money left over to enjoy everything their new communities have to offer. Those who want to move to the country without sacrificing their creature comforts can learn about one countryside community that offers the best of both worlds by going to

Slower Pace of Living

The hectic pace of living in cities isn’t for everyone and those who love it at first typically find that it wears on them eventually. Even those who have plenty of money to go out and enjoy the city’s many amenities often find themselves sitting at home due to sheer exhaustion. Moving to the country lets people slow down and appreciate all that life has to offer. Buying a home in the right community means there will still be plenty to do but it won’t require rushing around or braving huge crowds of strangers, so activities like going out to eat, visiting with friends, and getting exercise outside will be more enjoyable.

Enjoy Nature

There’s never much in the way of nature in the city. Residents who love to be outdoors can either head to a small local park or invest a ton of time and energy into leaving the city to go hiking, swimming, or picnicking. Being in nature provides a ton of health benefits that city dwellers are missing out on. Moving out of the city makes it easy to prioritize spending time outside.

Less Pollution

Even the greenest cities still have more air, light, and noise pollution than the countryside. Most people considering a move to the country only consider air quality, but that’s a mistake. Light pollution and noise pollution can both alter Circadian rhythms, making it more difficult to get sufficient sleep to maintain focus and good mental health.

Access to Fresh Food

Living in the city severely restricts residents’ access to fresh food since produce, meat, and dairy products are all produced in the countryside. Those who are serious about eating local will find that they have a much larger array of options to choose from. They can shop at stores that buy from local farmers, sign up for a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, or even start growing some of their own food themselves.

Tight-Knit Community

Cities may be known for their diversity but they aren’t the best place to make friends and integrate oneself into a genuine community. Everyone is in a rush and most people don’t spend much time building community. Country living, on the other hand, brings people together.

The Bottom Line

The hectic pace of city life isn’t for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with giving it a shot, but if it doesn’t feel right, don’t stick it out. Find a well-established community in the countryside and make the move back to a better life.




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