Book Review : Endurer – A Rape Story


Endurer – A Rape Story

Often in life you come across stories which will leave you with the feeling of extreme anguish, pain and heaviness. Endurer is a heart- wrenching story portraying varied emotions, love, friendship, betrayal .


Life was a fun fed roller coaster: New found love, drugs, cat-fights, patch ups, crushes, night hangouts, and unplanned trips. Like any girl, not in the wildest dream, Palak could imagine that after attending a Rave Party, she will wake up to the horror of finding herself raped. 

In traumatic conditions and struggle between sanity and hallucinations, she is compelled by the circumstances to leave her world. Already fighting a war within, her stances take a toll witnessing horrifying tales of women and girls. Little did she know that this catastrophe was not enough for one lifetime, and a storm – was just cooling its heels. 

Will she be able to carve her path while facing the rapists, her tyrant father, appearances of her passed away mother? Should Palak let her life to be decided by people, society, and taboos? Would justice return her life or revenge lend her peace? 

A heart-rending story of a girl, whose beliefs and honor has been battered, stands up to make choices, rediscovering the meaning of life. 

About the Author – Kapil Raj

Kapil Raj is an author and a professional based at New Delhi, India. His writing reflects the understanding of the social functioning and human psychology.

With the heart of a philosopher, mind of a realist, and a deep-rooted non-conformist, he lives many lives, yet stealing the time for the most precious thing which matters to him: crafting plots, playing with characters and weaving the stories with inscribed messages.

My Views of the Book

The story is about a young girl Palak who like any other youth loved to experiment and try new things- drugs, night-outs, unplanned trips with friends. But the Rave party changes her world completely when she discovers that people she confided in have broken her trust and done her wrong.

Palak decides to let the world know about her rapists and let the world know that a rape survivour is not to be blamed for the hindious act.

Endurer is a very hard-hitting read of the current situation of the society.

Kapil Raj usage of words creates the scene in front of your eyes and many times during the read I had the feeling of anguish. I could feel the goosebumps in my body multiple times while reading it.

If you would like to read the book you can buy it here

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