Maybelline V-Face Range Review and Swatches


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Nykaa had this amazing winter sale going on in the month of December,2016 and there were quite a few things that I was eyeing and got them at quiet a good discounted price in the sale.

So starting off, I was quite interested in buying Maybelline’s V-face range which was launched just before Amazon Fashion Week. I mean, I have been using high end contouring and bronzing products and was secretly wishing if there could be any drugstore brand coming up with these kind of products and my prayers got answered. ?

I had to attend my college bestie’s wedding. I decided to skip on carrying my other contouring and highlighting products and take these three products for testing them out instead at the wedding So to know how these product worked for me in detail keep on reading.☺


Maybelline V-Face Range Review and Swatches

Maybelline V-Face Range

The very first ceremony we had to attend after reaching the venue was Ring ceremony and Cocktail party. Since we were traveling from morning I decided to go for a simple eye look and highlighted face.

And here I decided to use this range so that I will be done with the look within no time.

I had bought the contour stick and the face powder in shade medium-dark, I decided to show you guys the swatches on both medium and dark skin-tones. I am fair to medium and my sister-in law is a dusky beauty. So any of you who are of the darker skin tone you may get a clear idea of these shades will suit you or not. I have tagged the swatches along as well.

Maybelline V-Face Range

V-FACE duo stick
I am a huge fan of cream contour products. I was very excited to try this product as this would be one of the most pocket friendly cream contour available in India.

Maybelline V-Face Range
My Skin Tone

But sadly I was not much impressed with the product. I got the duo stick in shade medium- dark, the stick has two ends and is in a retractable form with highlighter stick and contour stick on each end. I was really happy with the highlighter stick as it was pigmented and was very creamy in texture. But, since inlike my highlight to be blindning ? this one was too toned down for my look that day, and thankfully i was carrying the other highlighter with i used on top o this one. If you use highlighters on daily basis then this is a great one for that daily subtle glow as it makes your skin glow making it look natural and flawless.

Maybelline V-Face Range
Darker Skin Tone

Coming to the contour part, the contour stick was creamy and very pigmented and I was impressed by it. But the colour somehow was too orange on me, even after blending the product for quiet a long time I couldn’t make the orange colour to tone down according to my skin. Hence I would not repurchase this shade, and since this range has only two shades i.e light-medium and medium-dark it will be waste of money for me.

This has a creamy-waxy texture, is highly pigmented and a very different chemical kind of smell, although the smell is not over powering it did bug me out a little.

It is priced at Rs.650 which is a good part.

So I will rate this one a 3 out of 5.

You can buy it here – Nyka

V-FACE Blush Contour 

Maybelline V-Face Range
V-FACE Blush Contour 

It was a total love at first application for me. The blush has three shades and the one I bought was in shade pink, since I was going for a very pink glowing highlight I wanted to put on a mauve blush and this was just perfect. I mixed all the three colour together and voila!!! I had the perfect shade that I needed.

Maybelline V-Face Range
My Skin Tone

The blush is highly pigmented and hence I would suggest you start with picking less product and then build the colour as per your liking. Another tip can be to use a duo-fiber brush to apply this blush as that brush picks less product and gives and even application.

Darker Skin Tone

It is priced for Rs.550 for 4g of product. This blush comes in three shades

1. Peach,

2. Brown

3. Pink

Overall, I really liked the pigmentation, colour pay-off and the texture of the blush. It is easily blendable as well.

So I would give this a 4.5 out of 5.

Buy it here – Nyka

V-FACE Duo Powder

Maybelline V-Face Range
V-FACE Duo Powder

Well, I did not carry any extra contour products with me and since I was not quiet happy with the contour I did using the duo-stick, I decided to use the dark shade in this Duo-face powder and I was really impressed with the shade. It matched my skin tone and as I started building the product it gave this natural looking contour to my face. Hence, this one became my saviour for the night.

My Skin Tone

Although its not highly pigmented, it does a good job nonetheless.

Maybelline V-Face Range
Darker Skin Tone

I used the light side to set my t-zone and that too did a good job in keeping my concealer intact.

The texture is soft and is decently pigmented.

The V-FACE duo powder is priced at Rs.550 for 8.5g of product.

I would give this 4.5 out of 5.

Buy it here – Nyka

Overall Thoughts

For the price range of the products these are fairly good. Although I did not like the duo contour stick, I really wished they had more shades in this variant, as i really liked the texture and pigmentation of this contour stick.

The blush and the face powder are good products if you are looking for something that is not too pricy but does work good as a blush and contour powders. You can definately give them a go.

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