Penguin Dad and Millennial Generation #SuperHero


He was the one who saw the baby first. He was the first one to hold the baby.  He has woken up in nights to put the kids to sleep. He was the one who changed diapers for the first time. He gets her ready for school. He makes the favorite chicken curry for his daughter. He is a PENGUIN DAD.

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Penguin Dad : Need of Millennial Generation

The concept of “Penguin Dad” became popular with flipkart survey. The online shopping portal saw a rise in their male customers shopping more for baby clothes, baby care and diapers. It was just not about buying diapers online which makes a man a penguin dad. There was more to it.  Based on this insight the company conducted a survey across 17 Indian cities and 1700 dads, the findings of which showed that 85% of the dads surveyed, were an active part of their child’s daily routine. A lot of them quit smoking after they became parents.

Penguin Dad

Emperor penguins are know to be one of the best animal dads in the world. The female penguin lays eggs and goes to the sea to replenish her lost nutrients, the Emperor Penguin spend around two months holding the eggs between their feed. He protects the eggs throughout the brutal winter. He makes no movement and maintains the balance in the spine chilling winds so that the eggs are not exposed to the freezing temperature. That’s the Dedication of a DAD!!


This is the dedication we are seeing in the current generation of dads.

Penguin Dads and Millennial Generation

Fathers today are getting involved in many aspects of their child’s life like helping with homework, getting them ready for school, making and feeding meals and taking time off from work to attend a PTA meeting. “Penguin Dads” are eager to divide parenting responsibilities equally with mothers.

It is not only about supporting your working wife or giving her some time to relax. The current generation of dads in my opinion is much more considerate and understand the need of constant involvement with their children.

Fathers in today’s era understand that it is important to get involve in all aspects of life of a child for the child’s overall development.

Penguin Dads #SuperHeros
My Daddy Strongest

Although Penguin Dad looks like a concept of this generation, I have seen my father being a penguin dad to me and my sister. He has also been involved with us in many things which usually the dad’s of my father’s generation dint. I love you Papa.

Coming to my man. He is in all sense a Penguin dad.I am proud of him. He has been an amazing support and my pillar through all phases parenthood. You know how important is Husband’s support in pregnancy. After the delivery when I rejoined work, there have been times when work schedules have kept me away from home. He like the “Emperor Penguin” has taken care of the girls, nurtured them, guarded them.

He has never shyed away from changing nappies. He even makes breakfasts, gets kids ready, help Miss G with homework, never misses the PTM or a pediatrician visit. He has always been there to make sure his kids are well raised with overall growth which requires both the parents involvement.

Penguin Dads


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Dads are #SuperHeros

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  1. We can’t be in this world without our fathers. They have always been the one reliable man in our lives, and they have always treated us with a stern yet loving hand. We have always looked up to them as an inspiration through the years. We will never cease to follow their footsteps and will always make the right decision like they have taught us.well written. And thank u for sharing ur feeling.

  2. Penguin Dads… that’s such an interesting concept. I wasn’t aware of this. It’s heartening to see more and more dads taking a bigger role in bringing up their kids. ?

  3. Still, my father is a penguin dad to me.Hope the new dads become more active and help their child to learn life lessons.
    Thanks for the mention dear.


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