Stay Body positive- Say no to Body Shaming


Stay Body positive- Say no to Body Shaming. Today’s post is really special and different from anything I ever do. This isn’t about any makeup product or review. This is all about being Body Positive.

Stay Body positive- Say no to Body Shaming

Say no to Body Shaming

How many of you have experienced body-shaming or fat-shaming from your friends or  family and mostly by strangers. This is one of the main cause that teenagers are dealing with eating disorders. Everyone is so  obsessed with the idea of being fit and lean. Being anything beyond a size medium is like a curse.

“I am a plus-sized girl” that’s how you want me to tell you that yes I have a heavy body. I have layers of fats on my stomach and my arms are sloggy and I have stretchmarks on my body and I am not perfect. But I am absolutely smitten by myself and there is no one that can make me disregard this love that I have for myself.

From a very small age, I suffered from health issues, mind you these were not because I was over-weight. But because of these issues, I was gaining weight.

I have been through it all, to people commenting “mat khaa itna” ” tyre dabb raha hai” and all the sales girls throwing rejection on my face that “No madam, We don’t have your size”.

This all made me really low on self-esteem. I did not like dressing up, I was always wearing a t-shirt and Capri jeans that my mom found for me after a lot of struggle. This was my daily life. I know some of you might already be feeling how this is so similar to your story. That is because it is, and we still believe that we have to accept it.

This post is all about getting that negativity out and making yourself as fabulous as you think that you could have been if you were a size small or size medium.

You are capable of all the love you think you cannot get. Trust me, I found love of my life and I found my best friend in him. It is because of him that I love myself more and more and I developed this confidence that If I love to do so, then I shall do it.

Being fat or being over-weight doesn’t make you any less capable of receiving love and respect.  The day I started loving myself and accepting myself, I saw how people started to change their way of treating me. You have to love yourself first to allow anybody else to love you. I still have days when people come up to me and say mean things, but those are a few days, because more than the negativity, my life is now surrounded by positivity. I get compliments for how I look and how I carry myself.

The simple reason to write this all, is to make you all beautiful friends to understand how beautiful you are even if you don’t think so about yourself.

Start doing what your heart wishes for, life is too short to worry about what others think of you. Wear short skirts and shorts. Wear mascara and put on that intimidating dark lipstick that you bought because you loved the color but now you think its too extra.

Life should be all about being extra and to live it to the fullest. Wear sleeveless tops and dresses, let that skin breathe. Who said you have to die in the heat but still wear clothes with sleeves as you are not comfortable in your own skin. Be comfortable in how you are what you are. Start looking into the mirror and start calling yourself beautiful. Get up early, have your breakfast and have a good one. Have lunch and eat a lot, don’t starve yourself just to become other’s idea of perfect. If you think you want to lose weight and get healthy, then do it for your health. All in all ,

love yourself.

I met an amazing girl who once was so low on self-esteem that she stopped eating food, sadly no one around her cared about that. She starved herself just to see people making fun of her patience by saying ” Kabh tak bhooki rahegi to, khaa le, moti toh tu abhi bhi hai”. Then she realized that how she has been so cruel and hard in herself. Despite so many things she did to lose weight, she didn’t lose a single gram of weight, but her health started deteriorating and she faced a lot of hardships and struggled around other people who were stronger and fit than her. That’s when she decided to lose weight and for it for herself. Not to easily fit into size small or medium clothes, but go be able to walk without stopping to catch a breath. To go and explore the world and not for looking presentable. By doing that, she started to fall in love with herself and with everything about her that she loved, she started to create positivity in her life.

This was me. All my life scared to do anything but now I love everything about me.

I would love to share with you all my struggles and hardships and whatever you wish to ask me. Would love to connect with all of you. Please don’t feel you are alone in anything, remember someone has felt that pain and someone are always around to listen.

I am still not the slimmest or fittest, but I am getting there. This blog post doesn’t emphasize on losing weight because you are fat or not to lose weight even if you are required to, but to love yourself however you are.

I love you all so much and would love to listen to your thoughts about body positivity and body shaming.

Let us know if you want us to share with you a few dos and don’ts to be healthier and fit in your life. Take some tips here

I would be sharing a very special blog post about how I dress to flatter my body very soon.
Till then, take care and love yourself and say no to body-shaming.




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  1. Shared with my frd…she needed this kinda motivation…thank u so much…it wil help me also…im nt i hav stubborn belly fat nd alwys felt very bad abt this… Nw i Feel good…Start doing what ur heart wishes for????thank u…


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