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Summer and extreme heat are the most difficult seasons to survive. With the sun literally draining out all the hydration and energy from your body. It becomes really difficult for everyone especially pregnant women during the summer season. A pregnant woman tends to feel a lot...
Maintain good health with Yoga at Workdesk. People who sit for long or have a sedentary lifestyle are at higher risk of heart diseases. Thus, people with desk jobs who spend the majority of their day sitting at their desks risk their health. This is in addition...
With a job, your household chores, kids to attend, considering 5-6 hours of minimum sleep, you are left with very little time to Unwind on Stressful Days
Meal planning was something I struggled a lot with. In fact, isn’t it something we all struggle with? When you are a family with strong individual preferences of eating veg and non-veg or have some health goals to achieve, planning the meal gets even more difficult.
F- Fitness Tips - How to Stay Fit . . How can a busy mom live a healthy, active lifestyle and also take care of families and their career as well.? Sharing with you some tips and tricks that will help moms live a well-balanced life keeping health and fitness on priority.

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