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3 Quick Snack Recipes with Suji/Rawa/Semolina
Suji is a tasty and healthy ingredient to incorporate in your diet. Check out 3 Quick Snack Recipes with Suji.
We do not want to compromise on our child's food habits in our busy life. In between work, household chores, taking care of the kids we need to manage our child's health and food priority. We do not want to compromised on packaged food adultered with preservatives...
When you think of noodles what comes to your mind? unhealthy refined flour oily meal which you would never want your kids to have. I have a healthier version of noodles from #mylittlemoppet . check out the recipe here...
How many of you mums are constantly looking for options for healthy snacks for your kids? There is no mother who would say no to this question. I am today reviewing Slurrp Farm Millet PancakeĀ  which has been a great option for my 4 year old. P.S. : I got the sample...

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